Gastracker Shutdown - Here's What You Need to Know | Learn About its Alternatives

Anisa Batabyal
| 10 January, 2020 | 2 min

Gastracker is the very first Ethereum Classic explorer project, which enables its users to check their balances and transactions, and even allowed the miners to do business on Ethereum Classic (ETC). It was the most critical component of the Ethereum Classic ecosystem for the past years, but alas! Its shutting down, which is unfortunate.

Gastracker has been a volunteering project of Igor Artamonov, but as it is not receiving any external financing or support, it has decided to sunset down its services. Moreover, without any financial support, it becomes very expensive to manage or operate such services.

Don’t worry! Whoever tries and logs in to their account, such traffic is being redirected to the Emerald Receipt project, which provided such information for ETC, as well as ETH.

Let us check some of the top alternatives to Gastracker:

#1 Emerald Receipt

This is a user-friendly block explorer for ETH (Ethereum) as well as ETC (Ethereum Classic), Tether and DAI stablecoin, where you can check your balance and status of your transactions. Emerald also has its non-custodial wallet, which is desktop based. It supports Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms.

You can go here to access Emerald Receipt

#2 Blockscout

Blockscout is an easy-to-use block explorer for Ethereum Classic, Ethereum, etc, where the users can explore transactions and balances, and even verify smart contracts on Ethereum including sidechains and forks. As the explorers like Etherscan and Etherchain are not independently verifiable, Blockscout can be one of the best block explorers for ETC.

You can go here to access Blockscout

#3 ETCchain

ETCchain can also be considered as one of the best ETC block explorers, as they have advanced features, like detecting address attack warning and supporting multiple languages like Chinese and Spanish. This is similar to Etherscan.

You can go here to access ETCchain

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