Gridcoin Wallet

Anisa Batabyal
| 19 February, 2020 | 2 min

What is GridCoin Wallet?

GridCoin is built on top of a large network of computing devices, BIONC (Berkley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing), which is not limited to any single algorithm, program or hardware. GridCoin comes up with Proof-of-Research algorithm that gives the computers something meaningful and productive to do instead of racing to solve meaningless equations. The GRC researchers work on problems like curing diseases, studying the climate, or mapping genomes. BOINC supports Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, and Android. You don’t need special hardware to earn rewards and participate for your contributions to research. The intended use cases for GridCoin include research for curing incurable devices like Cancer, AIDS, Alzheimer's, etc. GridCoins are worth at least as much as the electricity being consumed for the research payments.

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List of best 5 GridCoin wallets in 2020

The top 5 GridCoin wallets in 2020 are:

  • GridCoin Wallet For Windows
  • GridCoin Wallet For Mac
  • GridCoin Wallet For Linux
  • HolyTransaction
  • Coinomi

#1 GridCoin Wallet For Windows

You can just install it without uninstalling first, but make sure you always make a backup first. If any pop up comes that the version is from an unknown source then click on "read more" and it will lead you to the option to continue. Otherwise, just simply follow the prompts, don't change anything, and you'll be good to go! Its always better to uninstall from the control panel from the old version, than delete from program files or the GridCoin folder if left after the control panel uninstall and then install the new one.

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#2 GridCoin Wallet For Mac

For building GridCoin on any macOS operating system, you must have either Xcode tools or Xcode Command Line Tools installed. When you download it, it will take you several days to process transaction history, like around 150 days, as it is time-consuming. The main reason there's no builder/package for Mac is that the majority of users don't have macs so it's only a small quantity of users to end up compiling it themselves. In order to avoid errors, you must find information on the Jiro build through issue reporting on the GitHub page.

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#3 GridCoin Wallet For Linux

If this is a clean installation, you can improve the time it takes to get into sync with the chain by downloading a snapshot. The snapshot is never perfectly up to date, but it will get you most of the way there. If you are recommending people encrypt their wallets it may be worth reinforcing the fact that if they lose their passphrase then the wallet is lost. Keeping an unencrypted backup offline on a memory stick in a drawer is good 'just in case' option. Also, I think the passphrase is hashed related to some component IDs in the machine you have the wallet on, so transferring the wallet to another machine will make the original passphrase useless.

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#4 HolyTransaction

HolyTransaction is a universal wallet that stores GridCoin, Bitcoin, Litecoin and 10 other coins from a single unified interface. It is a simple-to-use wallet, which uses both hot and cold wallet storage. You can set the wallet in minutes and the process is pretty easy for beginners to use. This is one of the best third-party wallets recommended by the GridCoin Foundation.

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#5 Coinomi

Coinomi was founded in 2014 and is the oldest multi-currency wallet available, with quite a number of active users. Coinomi is a secured mobile wallet, which supports both android and ios devices, considered as one of the best performing GridCoin wallets androids. It is also considered as a desktop wallet, which provides native support and true ownership for around 125 blockchains, around 500 assets. It is a hierarchy deterministic (HD) wallet which is why it's considered as one of the best GridCoin wallet IOS.

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