How to Buy Bitcoin Cash in 2019 | Step-by Step Beginner's Guide

Anisa Batabyal
| 04 July, 2019 | 2 min

Bitcoin Cash is one of the first forks of Bitcoin, which is the fifth largest cryptocurrency in the market by market capitalization. Bitcoin Cash was formed with the aim of fighting the scalability problem, and to increase the number of transactions per second. Bitcoin Cash was created in 2017 when the users faced some unnecessarily extended transition times. Although Bitcoin Cash hasn’t been around for a longer time, it has managed to establish itself as a strong cryptocurrency. After the BCH fork, BCH has merged with BCH ABC, hence they both are same.

How To Buy Bitcoin Cash With USD

The easiest way to buy Bitcoin Cash with USD is by going to the CoinSwitch page, where you can easily buy BCH by paying in fiat currencies like USD or EURO. This feature is powered by Simplex, which ensures a smooth transition of checking offers, and checking out. If you are a first time user, your maximum limit for a day can be somewhere between $50 to $10,000. Once your first time is done, your daily limit exceeds to $20,000 and your monthly limit becomes $50,000.

The speed is extremely good because of the lightning network, and you can get your queries answered as and whenever needed as the support team is available 24/7. The page looks something like this:

Now, let us take you through the steps involved in buying Bitcoin Cash:

#1 Sign Up

This is the very first step where you need to sign up before trying and making any transactions. It is recommended for you to finish through the sign-up process as soon as possible. Before that, you can check on the offers and provide with your Bitcoin Cash address.

#2 Adding The Details

This is a critical step where you need to give the credit card details. You have to provide accurate details and double check before you go ahead with the checking out process. You should be rest assured that none of your details are leaked as most of the exchanges have strict privacy policies for their users.

#3 Knowing Your Customer (KYC)

As the step suggests, this is all about providing relevant details like government-issued ID proof, along with your photograph, which you can take it over the webcam or can upload it. After the verification is done, you are all set to make the transaction.

How To Buy Bitcoin Cash With Debit Card

There are several exchanges which accept making payments via debit card, through which you can buy XRP tokens. The main challenge is whether they support in your country. Let us discuss two main exchanges which are in favor of accepting the debit card in return for your Bitcoin Cash:

#1 CoinGate

CoinGate can certainly be considered as the most popular exchanges in the world, that supports debit card payments for you to buy Bitcoin Cash. The signup process takes very less time, and they support every mode of payment like a credit card, debit card, wire transfer and many more. You just have to select the amount and pay.

Supported Countries: Supports more than 100 countries across the world including continents like America, Asia, Africa, and Europe.


  • Quick and Efficient sign up process.
  • You can choose your preferred mode of payment from amongst the options.


  • The identity verification might take some time, which can be a minimum of 24 hours.

#2 CoinMama

CoinMama is also considered as a famous Bitcoin broker that helps you buy Bitcoin Cash with the help of a debit card. It offers as high limits as 5000 USD worth BCH per day and 20,000 USD worth USD per month. It’s fee revolves around 4%.

Supported Countries: Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Maryland, Michigan, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, New Jersey, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Wisconsin


  • Buying Limits are high
  • Purchase BCH with debit card instantly


  • Bank transfers might take around 5 days to complete.

CoinSwitch also enables the user to purchase Bitcoin Cash by a debit card, which can be either a Master Card or Visa. This specific feature is backed by Simplex, a platform which enables buying cryptos through a credit or debit card. Most of the exchanges have certain common steps which can be followed to buy Bitcoin Cash through a debit or a credit card, which are as follows:

  1. You need to create an account with the respective exchange
  2. Add your debit card details so that the transaction happens seamlessly.
  3. Go through the KYC process and verification process.
  4. After this, you can purchase Bitcoin Cash using the debit card.

How To Buy Bitcoin Cash With Credit Card

Same as “How to buy Bitcoin Cash with USD”

How To Buy Bitcoin Cash With Wire Transfer

Wire transfer is the same as bank transfer and through that, you can purchase BItcoin Cash and many other cryptos through many exchanges. Let us discuss some of the exchanges that support wire transfer:

#1 Coinbase

Coinbase works for most of the countries in Europe and the US. For the US, you can purchase BCH via connected bank account with Automated Clearing House (ACH) transfer which takes around 5 days to get the coins delivered. On the other hand, for Europe, the transaction can happen via the Single Euro Payment Area (SEPA) and takes less than 2 days.

#2 BitPanda

The best thing about BitPanda is that they accept all sorts of bank transfers- SEPA, ACH, and online transfers. BitPanda is considered favorite by the users as they are the ones to charge some of the lowest fees for transactions via debit or credit card.

How To Buy Bitcoin Cash With Other Altcoins

Bitcoin Cash in itself is an altcoin, which can be bought by other altcoins and even Bitcoin at the best price at CoinSwitch, which is the world’s largest crypto exchange aggregator, supporting more than 400 cryptocurrencies and more than 45,000 crypto pairs like BCH to LTC, BCH to XLM, BCH to ADA and many more. Not only you get the benefit of choosing the best price amongst the largest exchanges in the world, but CoinSwitch provides 24/7 support in case of any queries or questions.

Buy Bitcoin Cash now and know how to buy Bitcoin Cash without any registration at the best fees at CoinSwitch. Let us discuss the steps involved in buying Bitcoin Cash with other altcoins, let's take Litecoin here as an example.

#1 First you need to go and put the respective altcoin that you are going to exchange Bitcoin Cash for. For example, let’s take Litecoin as an example:

#2 After this, you can check out the different offers with the different exchanges, compare and choose the best rate, for instance, let’s take SimpleSwap here.

#3 Then you just have to put the Bitcoin Cash address of the wallet, where it will be deposited. Post which you can initiate the exchange.

How to Buy Bitcoin cash Peer-To-Peer

Peer to Peer is sort of a transaction happening between two individuals, wherein the seller has to confirm that he is buying at the given rate. This works like an escrow account. In, you can enter the amount of BCH you want to exchange for, and after the seller confirms the rate, the buyer will be notified. Both the buyer and seller are protected.

Should You Invest In Bitcoin Cash?

Bitcoin Cash was created mainly because they wanted a better version of Bitcoin and BCH undoubtedly secured its position even if was under several challenges. But when it comes to investment, we would advise you to do proper research about not only the crypto, but also about its historical trends, and what new innovations ait is going to go through.

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