How to Buy EOS in 2021 | Step-by Step Beginner's Guide

Anisa Batabyal
| 30 December, 2020 | 2 min

EOS is a blockchain that aims to become a decentralized operating system for supporting industrial-scale decentralized applications. They look forward to removing transaction fees completely and at the same time, processing millions of transactions per second. The core team comprises of Brendon Blumer and Dan Larimer, who is the one behind the creation of delegated Proof of Stake and DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization).

How To Buy EOS With USD

One of the easiest ways to buy EOS with fiat currencies like USD is by going directly to the CoinSwitch page, which will give you easy accessibility for purchasing EOS. The interface is pretty user-friendly for a beginner even to understand how to go through the entire process, but we will certainly guide you on how to do it. 

Let us take you through the steps, which will enable you to purchase EOS with USD conveniently:

#1First, you choose USD in the “you send” category and just fill in how much USD you want to send and then automatically and instantly the converter will tell you, how much EOS you will get in return. For instance, you are shedding 150 USD, and then they will show you will get $32.5400. It looks like this:

#2 Then you will get the page, which will show the exchange supporting the same. In this case, it is Indacoin, which facilitates the user in purchasing EOS at the least possible time, with a fast transaction speed.

#3 Now you will just have to put your EOS address, where you want to receive your EOS tokens. Just remember to sign up before starting with the process. A basic user details step will be covered, and we make sure that user privacy is maintained.

How To Buy EOS With A Debit Card

You might find various exchanges supporting the purchase of EOS with a debit card, but before going ahead with that, you must check whether that whether your country supports that particular exchange. Once you know that exchange is good to go, you can go ahead with the purchasing process. The process involved in purchasing EOS with a debit card is similar to that of buying with a credit card. Let us cover the prominent exchanges that support this process:

#1 CoinSwitch

You just have to go to the CoinSwitch page, and from there, you can buy EOS instantly without much waiting time. Before that, you can check the conversion rates and can make a wise decision on how many EOS tokens you are going to buy with the available fiat currency which includes not only USD but also EURO, Yen and many more.

The best part is that your transaction will be done fast because of the lightning network. If you have any queries, you can avail our support, which is available 24/7. CoinSwitch is even available in most of the countries across the world. Buy EOS anonymously and know how to buy EOS without registration here.

How To Buy EOS With A Credit Card

Same as “how to buy EOS with USD”

How To Buy EOS With Other Altcoins

When you want to buy EOS with other altcoins, there are a lot of options, but in case of that also, you should always go with the most feasible option. CoinSwitch is such a platform which is a one-stop-solution provider. CoinSwitch supports more than 300 cryptocurrencies and 45,000 cryptocurrency pairs. It has partnered with the best exchanges so that the users can choose the rate based on their feasibility. 

Check out the easy steps in buying EOS with your preferred altcoins:

#1 Go after which you can put the altcoin in the “you send” box, and you can automatically see how much EOS you will get on buying with that amount of the respective altcoin. Let's take NEO, for example, if you have 10 NEO, and you can get 25.614 EOS. You can get the details in the instant converter.

#2 After that, you can check out the offers with their specific rate. Here, in this case, ChangeNow provides with the most feasible rate and is recommended. But you can choose as per your feasibility. Let’s say you chose ChangeNow.

#3 Here, you have to give your EOS wallet address, where you need to receive your EOS tokens, and after that, your transaction is almost done.

Should You Invest In EOS?

EOS looks confident in the future because of its community of developers who are constantly upgrading the technology as and when needed. When you want to invest in EOS, you need to research a bit on the particular coin, know about the historical price trends and what the market enthusiasts or experts are saying. EOS is the 8th largest cryptocurrency in the world as per market capitalization, and it has a promising roadmap, too. You can check here to know a detailed prediction report of EOS.

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