How to Buy Monero in 2021 | Step-by Step Beginner's Guide

Anisa Batabyal
| 30 December, 2020 | 2 min

Monero is a privacy-based crypto-token wherein you have complete control over your transactions. It is even fungible and scalable, with being ASIC resistant. You can even have multiple keys when it comes to Monero, unlike cryptos like Bitcoin and Ethereum having one private and public key. Monero uses an obfuscated public ledger, which means anyone can send transactions but the source, amount, or destination is not visible to the outsiders.

How To Buy Monero With USD

If you are looking for buying Monero with fiat currencies like USD or Euro, then CoinSwitch is the right forum. You can finish the transaction with the least needed time with utmost accuracy there. You can buy XMR by following these basic three steps:

#1 Go to the CoinSwitch page and put USD in the “you send” category and put the amount of USD for how much you want to buy XMR. You can check the amount of Monero you will get after sending x amount of USD. For example, let’s take an example here:

#2 Next, you can click on the offers, and that will take you to a page, where you can see Indacoin is the facilitator that is enabling you to do a transaction with USD.

#3 You are almost there. After this, you just need to give your Monero address, where you wish to receive your XMR tokens after buying with USD.

How To Buy Monero With A Debit Card

For buying Monero with a debit card, you might have to go through the most reputed options. Just make sure that the country you are staying supports the exchange, which you are going to use for a transaction by a debit card. Even the transaction fee shoot high up, as that might be not preferred. Keeping all these points in mind, we have chosen the best exchange:


When you want all of these parameters to be met, CoinSwitch is the best option, where you can purchase more than 100 cryptocurrencies by a debit or credit card. The process is very simple and fast. Even if you are a beginner, you can get through the entire process in around 20 minutes or so. CoinSwitch is being supported by most of the countries worldwide, so that won’t be a problem. You can even check or track on your transactions in real-time and can write to us as and when needed as we are available 24/7.

How To Buy Monero With A Credit Card

Same as “how to buy Monero with USD”

How To Buy Monero With Other Altcoins

When you want to buy XMR with other altcoins, you should probably go with the exchange that offers you with aa wide variety of options and caters to your crypto trading needs. Coinswitch is one such platform which will adhere to all the norms and wants of a crypto trader. CoinSwitch supports more than 300 cryptocurrencies and more than 45,000 crypto pairs. You can check the conversion rate of any altcoin to XMR instantly in the crypto converter free.

Check out the basic steps for buying XMR with other altcoins:

#1 Once you log in to the CoinSwitch home page, you can check out the conversion rate in the instant converter. Let’s take Tron or TRX, for example, which you want to exchange for XMR. You just have to put in the necessary details. It would look like this:

#2 Then you can check for the offers, and choose the best as per your own feasibility. Here, ChangeNow is the recommended one. The best part is that no login is required in this case, so the user can stay anonymous.

#3 This is the final step wherein you just need to provide with the XMR wallet address and your payment ID. 

Should You Invest In Monero?

Monero is one of the top cryptocurrencies, which has the benefit of being a privacy token. Hence, it has many users across the world. But if you want to make any kind of investment decisions, then you should do proper research on its past price data, and how the community is, as the more the community is credible, the more the probability of it to succeed.

About CoinSwitch is the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange aggregator which supports 300+ coins and over 45,000+ pairs. It provides an easier way of trading through global exchanges like Binance, KuCoin, IDEX, Huobi, Ethfinex, HitBTC and Cryptopia without creating an account on them. If you are interested in buying cryptos, do give it a try!

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