How to Buy XLM in 2021 | Step-by Step Beginner's Guide

Anisa Batabyal
| 30 December, 2020 | 2 min

Stellar Lumens are tokens based on a blockchain-based distributed ledger, built by the Stellar Development Foundation, whose aim is to increase financial inclusivity by creating easy-to-use and accessible global payment systems. Stellar Lumens was launched by Jeb McCaleb in 2014. Stellar aims to create universal financial access to the economy, which mainly includes the unbanked masses. Stellar works on unique Stellar Consensus protocol, which allows the ledger to be as widely distributed as possible.

How To Buy XLM With USD

One of the most user-friendly ways is to go directly to the CoinSwitch page, from where you can go to the required page after clicking “buy with credit card”. After that, the processes are very simple. CoinSwitch is partnered with Simplex, which facilitates this feature and helps you experience a seamless transaction when you want to buy Stellar Lumens with a credit card or debit card. It even supports the Euro apart from USD.

Your first transaction must vary from $50 to $10000, wherein the daily limit is up to $20000 and a monthly limit of $50,000. The best part is that there are no hidden charge or fees, and the verification process is pretty easy, and you can avail support as and when required as we are 24/7 live.

You have to follow these basic steps in order to finish a transaction:

#1 Sign Up

This is the basic step for getting to start with any transactions, and you must finish off with this step initially itself in order to not go through unnecessary obstacles during the checkout process. Before going through the process, you can check out the XLM offers that CoinSwitch is providing.

#2 Providing With The Necessary Details

In this step, you need to provide with the needed details, which include XLM address. You don’t need to worry about the security of your details as every exchange maintain user privacy. After this, the credit card details shall be required.

#3 Know Your Customer (KYC)

This is the step wherein you need to give some of the required personal details like your identification proof and photo of yours. You must provide with legitimate ID proof so that your transaction is not delayed or postponed.

How To Buy XLM With A Debit Card

There are various exchanges that support purchasing XLM with a debit card. Before going ahead, you must check whether your respective country supports that particular exchange. Let’s discuss the most promising ones, that enable you to buy XLM with a debit card feasibly:

#1 CoinSwitch

CoinSwitch even supports purchasing Stellar Lumens with a debit card, which is even backed by Simplex. You can avail the best offers from CoinSwitch when you are buying XLM with a debit card. You will be able to use both the Master and Visa debit card, and you can easily do the transaction in a few steps. CoinSwitch supports many cryptocurrencies which you can buy with fiats like USD or EURO.

#2 LaToken

LaToken enables you to purchase XLM by a debit card as well, but the only drawback is that it supports very few coins for purchasing with a debit card as compared to CoinSwitch. They charge a fixed commission of 7%.

How To Buy XLM With A Credit Card

Same as “how to buy XLM with USD”

How To Buy XLM With Wire Transfer

Wire transfer or bank transfer is one of the most used methods in our day-to-day life to transfer money as the sign-up process takes less time. There are some exchanges which support wire transfer purchases of Stellar Lumens, Coinbase being the prominent one.


Coinbase is one of the largest exchanges in the world, which supports wire transfer purchase of XLM, and moreover, it is going through constant changes and updates, which makes it one of the best exchanges to accept wire transfer payments.

How To Buy XLM With Other Altcoins

The best platform for buying XLM with any preferable altcoins is CoinSwitch as it supports more than 300 cryptocurrencies and 45,000 crypto pairs. You can compare, convert and transact at the same platform and can choose the most feasible rate from amongst the exchanges partnered with CoinSwitch. You can avail anytime support as the user support is live 24/7.

You can buy XLM at the best rate now at CoinSwitch with the most competitive price and best offers. Let us go through the steps involved in buying XLM with other altcoins, say Cardano for example in this case:

#1 First, you need to put the altcoin, what you are going to send in order to buy XLM. Along with that, put the amount of ADA, say 1500 in this case. You can check how much XLM exactly you will get in exchange for 1500 ADA.

#2 After this you can click on “check the offers” and you will get a list of exchanges with their offers. You can choose the most feasible one. The screen looks like this.

#3 Here, after you choose the offer, say you chose SimpleSwap, then you need to put your Stellar Lumens address, to which you want to receive your XLM tokens. The window looks like this:

Should You Invest In XLM?

As we know Stellar is an open-source platform which enables the cross transfer of values at a minimal cost. It is one of the top 12 cryptocurrencies, with a huge potential in the future. But when it comes to investment, you must do thorough research and understand the price trends carefully and then decide. You can have a look at the Stellar Lumens price prediction here and analyze what experts are talking about its future price.

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