How to Create Crypto Wallet Address in Human Readable Format?

Anisa Batabyal
| 27 November, 2019 | 2 min

In the cryptocurrency ecosystem, the public addresses are non-human readable and very complicated for any person to memorize and type. This might lead to stress-related to losing assets. Hence, there is a requisition for a human-readable address format, which can let you transact easily without much confusion and difficulty. 

So, for instance, person 'A' wants to send some tokens, say 10 Ether to person 'B', from wallet 'X' to wallet 'Y', it will ask for the public address, without which the transaction can’t be completed, right? The public address would look something like this: 0x71C7656***ab88b098d***751B7401B5f6d8976F, and anyone can make a mistake while typing this address. 


CRUXPay is a protocol that solves this problem by allowing the users to create a decentralized human-readable address, which can be linked to their any/every address of their crypto assets.  CRUXPay is a platform where you can transfer assets with human-readable addresses, which will act as identifiers for specific transactions. You just have to create a CRUX ID (human-readable ID), which will be globally unique, human-readable (like alice@mywallet.crux), and securely owned by the user. So irrespective of different wallet format, you can send money easily, without being stressed of losing it. The CRUX IDs are just like email ids and can be relatable to the recipients, and that too without any QR codes or browser extensions.

The first integration of CRUX protocol is live in the ZelCore wallet and it is being integrated in many other wallets.

Let us check how you can create crypto wallet address in a human-readable format:

Step 1:

First, you need to go the Zel wallet (download Zel wallet), and once you log in, you can click o the "apps" symbol towards the left-hand corner, then many apps will pop up, of which, you click on CRUXPay.


Step 2:

Then click on the " Setup CRUXPay" button and enter the CRUX ID of your choice, so your CRUX ID of ZEL wallet would be "hellocrux@zel.crux". (Isn't it look like 

Step 3:

Now, click on any coins, you want to send, say, for instance, you are sending Bitcoin from say "Wallet 1" , then click on send, and put the CRUX ID, where you want to send, like for example: "speed@zel.crux". Give the amount, say 0.1 BTC, and click on "Send" button, and its done.

See, its that easy!!

Now, you don’t have to worry or stress about memorizing the long string of abstract addresses. Go here to create your CRUX ID, where you have entire control over your assets.