Dash Mining - Best Dash Mining Guide for Beginners

Anisa Batabyal
| 30 April, 2020 | 2 min

In a world where cryptocurrency is now at its peak, there is no point in missing out the Dash in this race. Dash is one of the primary names in the crypto world has its feet buried deep inside the digital currency.

So without any delay, let us start with Dash and everything there is to know about Dash and its mining.

What is Dash?

Dash is an alternate option of Bitcoin that was created with a similar crypto script as Bitcoin. It is a cryptocurrency that’s both open source and autonomously operated. Master modes are the name of the organization or the cluster of users running it. The best part about Dash is that it’s fast and untraceable.

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Key Features of Dash

Dash is almost similar to any other cryptocurrency. But there are a few things that separate Dash from any other crypto there is. Below are some of the listed features of Dash. Make sure to follow them before investing.

  1. X11 hashing algorithm, CPU/GPU/ASIC options are available for extraction.
  2. A block time of 2.6 minutes with 2MB blocks that’s similar to 56 transactions per second
  3. 7.14% block reward decrease rate per annum.
  4. The algorithm is dark gravity web compatible.
  5. A total coin supply between 17.74M and 18.92M.
  6. Decentralized second-tier master node network.
  7. The PrivateSend feature is making it one of the most private options for the transaction.
  8. InstantSend makes instant transactions.
  9. Master node owners can vote for the outcome of the currency and future relevancy.

How to Mine Dash?

After the complete detail discussion, the first thing that you must be having in your mind is how to mine dash?

Dash is similar to most of the blockchains there is. It is also protected by a cryptographic method known as PoW or Proof of Work mining. The concept is to find solutions to challenging mathematical problems by the use of powerful computers and the X11 hashing algorithm. You would need the Dash mining pool.

The most state of the art algorithm at the time of design featuring a combination of 11 most sophisticated cryptographic techniques known to that time is the X11. It not only yields a great deal of efficiency but it also saves a great deal of power making it one of the most effective places to invest in. It relies on 11 different algorithm scripts that makes it more secure to use and understand future amenities. That particular feature is missing in every other cryptocurrency including the mighty Bitcoin. Dash Cloud miner is considered as one of the options for free Dash coin cloud mining, even with high dash mining difficulty.

Dash mining hardware and Dash mining rig

Like every other cryptocurrency, there is a specific Dash mining hardware and Dash mining rig. They are specifically designed to get the best result in minimum application.

The biggest issue with mining today is the fact that CPU and GPU mining is no longer profitable. The forum itself has declared this.

The only way to make a healthy profit out of Dash mining today is through ASIC. Though the gear is a little costly entirely, it is, by all means, then the best option there is. It is the only alternative profitable way of making some money today.

Here is a list of the few ASIC mining gear with the best results.


Hashing power

Estimated Cost

Dragonmint 16T

16.0 TH/s


Antminer S9

14.0 TH/s


Antminer R4

8.6 TH/s


Dash Mining Software

Find reliable dash mining software is complicated. So, it is best to trust the authentic ones rather than the commonly used ones.

A vast range of CPU and GPU mining varieties are available. Sgminer being the best option to execute and correctly install the needed software with the most compatible spec. The best way to find out the necessary one is to start looking for the correct optimization for the graphics driver. The GPUZ is an excellent option to find out the necessary needed software for your GPU. This is considered as one of the best Dash coin miner.

Dash mining profitability and Free Dash mining

Dash mining profitability is best scaled through whattomine.com. But even if there is an option which can give you the statistical data, it is our advice not to go for the CPU and GPU options. They are no longer profitable and will only end up having a margin to the loss side rather than the profit side.

There are lots of free dash mining sites that make dash mining not only comfortable but also for free. They come with complete tutorials, and you can learn a lot from their approach as well. Genesis mining, EOBOT, and NiceHash are some of the most reliable options out there on the internet.

Dash Mining Android App

For the best Dash mining android app, Minergate is the best option there is. With Minergate, there is no doubt that you will have the best results with complete authenticity. Google has made some regulatory changes to mining apps, where you can only manage and monitor the mining process, but can't mine cryptocurrencies.

It is advised to make a complete analysis of everything before going into the cryptocurrency program. There is a lot to know about it, and it is very much difficult to cover everything in detail in a limited or short time.

FAQs on Dash Mining

1. Is Dash mining profitable?

Dash mining is profitable if you start accessing cheap electricity to generate profit.

2. How much is Dash coin worth?

As pf November 25, 2020, DASH is trading at $52.28.

3. Can Dash be mined?

Yes, Dash is mined using the Proof of Work method.

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