Nimiq Mining - Best Nimiq Mining Guide for Beginners

Anisa Batabyal
| 30 April, 2020 | 2 min

For miners looking for new crypto to mine can consider opting for Nimiq which is a browser-based blockchain. It was wholly written in Javascript ES6 and thus, the entire blockchain based on a browser. Nimiq was introduced to solve the problems related to payments. The primary objective of Nimiq is to provide a payment solution that is based on a browser. Not just that, but it also allows fast transaction as well. The crypto is based on Aragon2D algorithm which is only mineable through CPU.

If you are interested to know how to mine Nimiq, you are the right place. Go through this guide to learn about Nimiq mining rig requirement. This guide will help you started with your free Nimiq mining.

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Why Mine Nimiq?

Mining Nimiq can prove to be profitable to you. Since the crypto is based on Aragon2D algorithm, it can be mined only through CPU. The entire process makes the task of mining Nimiq easier. By mining Nimiq, you can earn enormous profits. However, if you are to calculate Nimiq mining profitability, you can take the help of a Nimiq mining calculator. It should help you to determine the number of coins you can mine in a given amount of time.

One of the biggest reasons why miners want to mine Nimiq is because it is based on the browser. In other words, it can be mined through the browser. If you are interested in mine Nimiq, you can go through the guide given below. The next few sections will follow the discussions of all the requirements of mining Nimiq.

Nimiq Mining Hardware

Now that you already know about Nimiq let’s look into the Nimiq mining hardware requirement. To mine Nimiq, you need to first arrange for the right Nimiq mining rig which includes both hardware and software.

The best about Nimiq mining is that it can be mined using your CPU. There is no need for you to invest in cumbersome and expensive hardware to mine Nimiq. Well, this is what makes Nimiq mining one of the most profitable cryptocurrencies out there. All you need is a powerful CPU, and you will be all set to mine Nimiq. However, you need to keep a check on the amount of energy consumed by your device. It is to determine Nimiq mining profitability.

Nimiq Mining Software

After going through the details of the Nimiq mining hardware requirement, it’s time to look into the Nimiq mining software requirement. Just like any other crypto, even Nimiq has its software requirement without which you cannot mine Nimiq.

If you have to CPU mine Nimiq, you need to download the Nimiq miner on your device. In that case, you can make use of Sushi miner or which is a Windows Nimiq miner. However, if this doesn’t seem right to you, you can also go for the web browser mining. It is one of the more preferred ways of mining Nimiq. Once you can mine Nimiq successfully, you will get rewarded for each block. You may have to configure the software in the beginning. Bettering the performance of the Nimiq mining software is essential. Now that you are aware of the Nimiq mining hardware and software requirement, it’s time to learn about Nimiq mining profitability in 2020.

Nimiq Mining Profitability In 2020

To determine the profitability of any cryptocurrency, you need to consider many things. For example, the hash rate, the power consumed, overall mining cost etc. all these are essential factors that need to be looked into before, you get started with your mining process. Speaking of Nimiq mining profitability, you already know that it can be mined using a CPU or you can opt for web browser mining. It means that you don’t require any expensive hardware to mine Nimiq. It saves you from the substantial investment which you would otherwise have to spend. It is one of the main reasons why miners find it easy to mine Nimiq.

If you are interested in mine Nimiq, all you need is a powerful computer and CPU. It should do the trick for you. You can also join a Nimiq mining pool to get all the help that you need. You can also take the advice of the Nimiq mining calculator to determine the profitability of mining Nimiq in 2020.

Many miners find it challenging to get started with free Nimiq mining. Keeping this in mind, Nimiq developers should introduce a Nimiq mining android app. this should help miners to mine Nimiq right from their mobile devices.

After going through the above discussion, it can be concluded that Nimiq is written in Javascript ES6 because of which the entire blockchain runs on a browser. It makes it easier for miners to mine Nimiq. Nimiq mining doesn’t require any expensive hardware. All you need is a powerful CPU, and you can get started with your mining process. Now that you know it all, you can decide whether mining Nimiq is going to be profitable to you or not.

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