Siacoin Mining - Best Siacoin Mining Guide for Beginners

Anisa Batabyal
| 30 April, 2020 | 2 min

Cryptocurrency mining has been in a rage for quite some time because of the lucrativeness that has been seeing in it. So, it is the same for Siacoin as it is also a cryptocurrency that can bring one a good fortune. To mine Siacoin one needs to follow the steps and use the right technology. The growing market of cryptocurrencies requires miners to enhance their work for more production. If some mines Siacoin, then they can engage in its trading to make it profitable for themselves. But before stepping into it, one needs to know the right process, and we are here to provide it to them. This guide will give you enough details that you need to know about Siacoin mining.

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Why should one mine Siacoin?

When someone is thinking of any cryptocurrency, they think of mining Bitcoins but due to the circumstances in the current market one can also look at other coins. Siacoin is one such coin that has a good ranking in the market, and it provides good encryption when someone uses it. Like any separate blockchain-based coin you need to ‘mine’ the Siacoin blocks to get through the transaction. One of the reasons to mine Siacoins is because of the amount of privacy provided through them.

If someone is looking forward to mining Siacoin, then they should also think about the rewards that they can gain from it. Miners need to solve the complex mathematical problems as soon as possible so that they can get the block from the mining pool. Free Siacoin mining isn’t enough as you will always require the help of specific hardware and software to get done with the job. You can also make use of the Siacoin mining android app in order to get important information about Siacoin mining. So, one needs to have knowledge about such Siacoin mining software so that they can take advantage of it.

Hardware for Siacoin Mining

As we said, a person needs to use the right equipment which will provide them with good Siacoin mining profitability when they will trade with it. For this, they need to have an idea for some of the hardware that is currently used by the miners. These are a few of the hardware options that one can rely on when setting up their Siacoin mining rig.

#1 Obelisk SC1

There was a time when people had to rely on CPUs and GPUs to mine Siacoins. But now Obelisk SC1 is Siacoin mining hardware that has been introduced to make use of ASIC (Application-Specific Integrated Circuit) Mining. It is much more efficient, and it does outperform even the most powerful GPU. The hash rate of the mining is 300 GH/s.

#2 Nvidia GTX 1080 series

GPU mining is still used with Siacoins, and one of the most useful hardware have to be Nvidia GTX 1080 series which consumes less power and can help the miner to make up to 500 Siacoin in a single day. So, it will form a significant part of the Siacoin mining rig.

Software for mining Siacoin

Apart from Siacoin mining hardware, you will also require the help of Siacoin mining software to make the process successful. So, these are some of the Siacoin mining software that one may use:


This is the software that is used by the Nvidia GPU miners. They can easily choose their operating system and begin with their journey of free Siacoin mining.

#2 OpenCL

If the miner uses AMD GPU hardware for mining, then the software that they need to use is OpenCL. Downloading it is easy, and then one can start mining the coins.

#3 Marlin Miner

The miners who are looking forward to mine Siacoins may look into Marlin Miner which is a famous mining software among people. Miners need just to download it and go through the process of mining.

Siacoin Mining Profitability in 2020

When someone is mining for cryptocurrencies, they will always have Siacoin mining profitability in their minds. The whole process of mining will often stay with you for a long time before you get to trade in it. When someone is thinking of getting into it, they need to make sure that they are thinking of the financial side of mining. It includes the cost of energy, the hash rate and also the shifts that they want to invest in mining. The guide does talk to you about how to mine Siacoin, but your job will calculate the profitability. It will also help the miners to maintain their lifestyle and not give up everything on mining for coins.

We can assure you that the cryptocurrency is profitable in 2020. You can keep a check on the values of Siacoin that keep changing daily. This will help you to review the profit that you can gain by trading on that day or for a later date.

Since investing in equipment for Siacoin mining can be unaffordable for some people, Siacoin developers could take inspiration from Electroneum who has developed Electroneum mining android app, to develop Siacoin mining android app. In this way, people can mine and gain Siacoin using their android phones only.

We hope that this guide will help potential miners to start on their work if they are looking forward to working with Siacoins in the upcoming days.

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