In Conversation With Michael Messele, CEO of Pillar Project

Anisa Batabyal
| 17 January, 2020 | 2 min

Pillar is the next-generation smart crypto wallet, which provides complete control of the users' personal data, with full security and instant payment services. Pillar enables the users to transact on the most popular Web3 platforms, without carrying any risk to your personal data. Pillar provides the users with a user-centric platform, which can be accessed easily, without the need for cryptographic or technical expertise.

Here's what Michael Messele, the CEO of Pillar believes about the future of crypto, and has beautifully explained how the Pillar project is enabling simplification of cryptocurrency.

#1 How is Pillar different from other wallets? What is the USP of Pillar Wallet? 

Pillar is more than a cryptocurrency wallet. Our aim is to create a personal data management ecosystem with a whole range of exciting services and products plugged into it. Services are presented to users through our Offers Engine, a personalized search function that matches users’ needs to businesses. It makes the user’s journey shorter, more relevant and more private. The wallet is the first step in this journey to realizing that ecosystem, and it already exhibits some of its core characteristics already. The exchange service already available in the wallet is one example; our users can request to exchange tokens, and all offers are matched against each other.

We have integrated multiple exchange services, with CoinSwitch among them, so users can choose an offer based on the best rates. Our wallet also has some other unique features such as an address book, encrypted messaging, smart contract accounts, off-chain transactions, and a multi-asset transfer. This is just the beginning. We continuously evolve our product (we consider Pillar to be in a constant BETA phase) so that we slowly morph from the best smart wallet to the home for everything DeFi, and into a personal data locker. 

#2 Recently Pillar has come up with an in-app service, Pillar Offers Engine, which is following a DeFi Protocol. Can you explain in brief about that? 

The Offers Engine, as touched on above, is a handy mechanism where a user has many different services and products “pulled” to them. You simply search for the item or service you need, and an aggregated list of offers will be presented, all from different businesses competing for your purchase. We have started this offering with DEXs and crypto on-ramp services. Soon this will be extended to all other kinds of services - such as transport, clothing, dining and more. 

#3 What are the upcoming products that Pillar is planning to come up with? What are the plans for 2020? 

Our roadmap for 2020 is being finalized and we will release the details soon. As a teaser though, some of the areas we are looking into are fiat-off ramps and identity services utilizing decentralized storage. Also, we will continue leveraging our Layer 2 payment network, which allows private, free and instant transactions on the blockchain. It will even be available for fiat-based payments! This is an area of focus for the coming year. 

#4 What all tokens Pillar is planning to integrate apart from Bitcoin, in the coming days? 

This will be part of the 2020 roadmap, and those tokens/coins that are derived from Bitcoin are easier to integrate once the bitcoin work is complete. We’re looking forward to welcoming new blockchain communities to the Pillar family. 

#5 Pillar has come up with a simple username format. Is it working on the Pillar blockchain itself? 

No, Pillar is not working on its own blockchain. We are blockchain agnostic. Our focus is to integrate services and make the Web3 ecosystem a viable and better alternative to Web 2. We want to build a new digital world which surpasses Web 2 in its features, while also giving users the right to manage their own data the way they see fit. 

#6 What is the vision of the Pillar Project? 

We firmly believe that your data should be your property, and controlling it should be easy, no matter where or how you live. Your online security should be a right, not a privilege. That’s why we are building the most secure and intuitive platform available for this purpose, providing a simple gateway to all of your digital services. We are starting with the Pillar Wallet and PLR Token - giving you risk-free access to the crypto world and the most popular Web3 platforms. From there, we’re continuing to make the product smarter, especially via the Offers Engine. Soon you’ll be able to use Pillar to interact with stores, brands, and services. This will give you security and sovereignty in all your online activity, and ownership of all of your personal data.

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