IOSToken Wallet

Anisa Batabyal
| 30 December, 2020 | 2 min

What is IOSToken Wallet?

The IOSToken had made headlines when it launched its first application of its mainnet on February 25, 2020, when it also announced its global partner network consisting of 150 enterprises. IOST even established a 50 million USD fund to finance decentralized application development. The IOST protocol works on Proof of believability (PoB) consensus mechanism, that rotates block rewards amongst the hundreds of nodes, and even this mechanism avoids the environmental costs of mining. IOST is one of the most decentralized and scalable public blockchain available to the developers and users.

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List of 5 best IOST wallets in 2021 

The top IOST wallets in 2021 are:

  • IWallet Chrome
  • TokenPocket Wallet
  • Cobo Wallet
  • Huobi Wallet
  • Pure Wallet

#1 IWallet Chrome

This is a desktop wallet, which supports the IOST mainnet version. You can set up the wallet in three simple steps. First, you need to create a free IOST mainnet account, then install the IOST Chrome iWallet plug-in on your chrome browser. After that, you can start accessing the various IOST apps on iWallet like Endless Dice, IOST Bid, Mango Dice, etc. It is pretty simple, and the users with the Chrome browser can effectively use it. 

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#2 TokenPocket Wallet

This is favored amongst mobile users, who is looking for ease of use and security. It is a light wallet, which includes incredible features like IOST token storing, receiving and sending, robust dApp browser. You can easily access it, even if you are a beginner. It even supports other tokens like EOS and is known for major resource management, block producer voting and authority management. It is one of the most secure IOST mobile wallets, available for Android devices.

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#3 Cobo Wallet

Cobo aims at building a one-stop-solution for digital asset storage and a reliable and secure storage platform and payment environment. Cobo is headquartered in Beijing, and emphasizes on reliability and security, offers a mobile wallet, and considered as one of the best IOST wallets iOS. For advanced users, it offers Cobo vault, and for custodial investors, they offer Cobo custody.

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#4 Huobi Wallet

Huobi wallet is a secure, multi-chain light mobile wallet, which provides digital asset management services. The upgraded version has a more professional user interface design, where you can make quick transfer payments on the home screen itself. The best part is that the users have total control over their private keys, and can manage the security of the assets. The users' information is protected along with data encryption and other pursuits of excellence. You can download it on your Android and iOS device.

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#5 PureWallet

PureWallet is a secure, offchain multi-currency wallet, that supports multiple private keys management, and aims to become the investment management portal for the cryptocurrency users. The integration with IOST happened after the mainnet launch, which will help create a developer-friendly environment. PureWallet supports multiple digital assets apart from IOST, focusing on the creation of unified product experience for the users. It is available for both iOS and Android users and is considered as one of the best mobile wallets for IOST.

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