Monero Online Wallet

Anisa Batabyal
| 30 April, 2020 | 2 min

What is Monero Online Wallet?

Online Wallets are the cryptocurrency wallets which one can operate with the help of an internet connection. Monero is a very popular privacy coin, which is supported by most of the popular online wallets. The online wallets run on the cloud and can be accessed from any device and from any location. Although online wallets are prone to cyber crimes and thefts and hacks, you can manage the wallets with a PIN and a passphrase, which can be used to recover the wallet.

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List of 5 best Monero online wallet

The top 5 best Monero online wallets are:

  • MyMonero
  • XMRwallet
  • Guarda
  • Freewallet
  • Cryptonator

#1 MyMonero

MyMonero is a secure, easy to use, web wallet, which is light weighted, just like MyEtherWallet. It has a great, user-friendly interface which broadcasts all your transactions and its details instantly. As its a web-based wallet, you don’t need to run a full node, you just need your private keys to access the wallet. This wallet was developed by a core developer from the Monero community and is the most intuitive GUI wallet available for XMR, hence one of the best XMR online wallets.

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#2 XMRwallet

XMRwallet is a secure Monero web wallet, which enables you to receive, send, and store XMR tokens instantly, which has features like faster transactions, client-side operations and has gained a lot of positive review from the user community over the past years. It aims to ensure faster, seamless and easier transactions. It even has multiple language support.

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#3 Guarda

Guarda is one of the best multi-currency wallets, which are not only available as a web-based wallet, but also available in the form of mobile apps, both in Android and iOS. Guarda is a secure wallet, which enables the users to store, send and receive Monero and many other digital assets, with an easy and user-intuitive interface. Guarda is considered as one of the best Monero wallets online.

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#4 Freewallet

Freewallet is one of the most user-friendly online wallets that helps the user to store, send and receive your crypto assets in a secured platform. You can make the maximum use of this online wallet s it supports almost all the major cryptocurrencies including Monero. You can manage the wallet with the help of a secure PIN, and if lost can be recovered with the help of a passphrase or seed.

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#5 Cryptonator

Cryptonator is a very special web wallet which only supports certain digital assets, of which Monero is a vital one. You can use Cryptonator to store, receive and send cryptocurrencies with the help of a PIN, after giving which you can make the transactions. You can recover the wallet with the help of a seed or a passphrase. This is recommended for both the beginners and the experts.

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