NEM Wallet

Anisa Batabyal
| 30 April, 2020 | 2 min

What is NEM Wallet?

NEM, also known as the New Economy Movement, is a customizable blockchain platform for the developers looking to build dapps across a wide range of the industries. NEM is a dual layer blockchain, like Ethereum but written in Java as a programming language. NEM Smart Assets layer supports mosaics to represent any store of value and the mainnet supports multiple ledgers on its cryptocurrency layer.NEM is made of secure, decentralized processing nodes on one side and a client side, like the NEM Community Client (NCC), which acts as a gateway.

NEM’s proprietary crypto coin is XEM, which is harvested (mined) using a Proof-of-Importance algorithm. The longer you hodl more XEM, the higher your importance to the network, but you’re also rewarded for participating on the network by exchanging coins with other users.

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List of 4 best NEM wallets in 2020

The top 4 NEM wallets in 2020 are:

  • NEM Desktop Client
  • Trezor Wallet
  • NEM Mobile Wallet
  • Exodus

#1 NEM Desktop Client

NEM Desktop wallet is a desktop-based wallet, designed to make it faster and easy to store and manage the XEM tokens. This wallet is compatible with Mac, Windows and Linux operating systems. It allows you to send XEM, messages and mosaics to any address or namespace. The user interface and the setup process is pretty convenient for even beginners to access. You can even create a multi-signature or multi-user accounts, and the best part is that you can remain in total control over your private keys, making it one of the top XEM wallets in 2019, as per the NEM wallet reviews. The v2.4.4 is compatible with Trezor hardware wallet.

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#2 Trezor Wallet

Trezor wallet needs no introduction as it is one of the best hardware wallets, with a highly secure system. Your private key is kept offline, so there is no way hackers can access it online. You can recover your Trezor wallet by a backup passphrase, which you have to remember. Trezor wallet is much safer than the software wallets. Even if your computer is infected, your cryptocurrencies will be always safe, as Trezor has a feature called “limited USB connection”. You can use Trezor as your second-factor authentication (U2F) token with services such as Google, GitHub or Dropbox.

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#3 NEM Mobile Wallet

NEM Mobile wallet is one of the most convenient and best XEM wallets, available for both Android and ios devices. The NEM mobile wallet app is predominantly easy to use and enables you to send and receive NEM, and even import and export NEM accounts. Even Multi-signature feature is there, where all private data and keys are stored on your device and encrypted. The transactions can be completed quickly and it can be easily accessed by the beginners as well due to its user-friendly interface. This is one of the best XEM wallets android.

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#4 Exodus

Exodus is a desktop supported cryptocurrency wallet (recently started supporting Android and iOS), which is convenient to store multiple cryptocurrencies including NEM. Exodus supports almost thirty cryptocurrencies including NEM, Tether, Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Dash, Litecoin, Zcash among the popular ones. Exodus is one of the best NEM wallets for beginners because it has an easy user interface with very well-designed features. The transactions over a crypto network could be made through the Exodus wallet directly wherein the transaction fee is paid to the network and not Exodus.

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