NEO Tracker Wallet Review 2021

Anisa Batabyal
| 30 December, 2020 | 2 min

Previously known as Antshares, Neo symbolized as NEO is a blockchain similar to Ethereum blockchain. However, unlike the latter, Neo can support different development languages aiding in the development and enhancement of its features, which just gets better year after year. 

This article is a Neo tracker wallet review that aims to provide you with a better understanding of the Neo tracker app

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NEO Tracker Wallet Review 2021

In a layman’s language, the NEO tracker wallet enables the users of NEO to interact with the NEO blockchain. Unlike other blockchains, here, users do not create their accounts or share the information of their funds for storage. Meaning the data is always safe on the user’s device. Nevertheless, NEO makes it very easy for its users to save and access their information to interact with the blockchain. Thus, it is a human-friendly user interface, although it does not store the user’s information, making it one of the safest wallets. 

How Does The NEO Wallet Work?

As a light wallet, there is never the need to sync it with the blockchain. Nevertheless, users can still use other remote servers to fetch data pertaining to their transaction history. Moreover, your private keys and encrypted KeyStore files are never shared or leave your device. 

It gets even more secure as the NEO tracker wallet never shares your keys across its network, meaning the keys are stored only on your device and not on the NEO network. And if at all, attackers are to gain access to your device’s storage, per se, they still cannot get a hold of the keys as they would require the password, which at no cost can be regenerated or reset. 

NEO Tracker App uses SSL, which leaves no scope of tampering with its code from the server to the user’s browser. In fact, the NEO wallet’s source code is available for verification on GitHub. 

Now that we have established the safety concerns of NEO, let us understand the top 9 features of the various types of NEO wallets in this NEO Tracker Wallet Review

Top Features of Various NEO Wallets You Must Know

While there are different types of NEO wallets with varied features, here is the list of the important features of specific types to help you choose the better upgrades. 

1: Most of the NEO wallets support most of the cryptocurrency, whether they are old or new. In fact, they auto-update to support the constant addition of new tokens and coins. 

2: Backup encryption and custody-free storage policy. As discussed earlier, it never stores your funds or keys, and they are all part of your device rather than the NEO network.

3: You do not have to install additional add-ins or support features like apps for sending and receiving funds as they are built in the network.

4: It enables cross-platform operations. Meaning you can sync wallets across available networks. 

5: While funds cannot be stored, if you are seeking to store funds on the network, then you may opt for the NEON Desktop wallet. Here, you can store coins and also facilitate the exchange and transfer of coins. 

6: No storing of private keys on the network but on the device, and these keys are generated from mnemonic. Making it secure.

7: The Atomic Wallet version of the NEO wallet comes with built-in buy crypto that has a credit card payment option. 

8: In the Atomic wallet, it is also possible to manually add the standard ERC20 tokens. Also, it is secured by Shapeshift and Changelly. 

9: Most of the NEO wallets come with Gas-claiming capability. Gas, previously known as ANC-Antcoins is a type of cryptocurrency token. 

Some of The Best Neo Wallets Out There

Ledger Nano S: It is believed to be the most secure of the NEO wallets. It is also ideal for mid-term to long-term usage of the NEO wallet. This supports both Neo and GAS cryptocurrency.

NEON Wallet: It is a desktop wallet. This facilitates the storage and transaction of Neo and GAS coins. 

Binance: It is a web wallet that enables you to buy different cryptocurrencies from anywhere around the world. 

These three types are just some of the many NEO wallets with a plethora of features aimed to cater to a broad spectrum of cryptocurrency users. 

Whether you want to store your funds on the network or on your device, based on your specific needs, you can pick out the Neo wallet, which matches your needs. 

To conclude, while it shares the common features with its contemporaries like being open source, it has different versions of wallets that users can download and use specifically. And, the cross-platform operations enable the users to sync across various cryptocurrency platforms. Thus, you can shift from one platform to another without having a fear of losing your information, which is stored on your device. 

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