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Anisa Batabyal
| 30 December, 2020 | 2 min

What is NEO Wallet?

Neo (symbol NEO) is a blockchain project co-founded by Da-Hong Fei and his company OnChain which is being touted by industry experts as being the “Ethereum Killer”. Neo is currently ranked in the top 20 coins as per market capitalization.

Formerly called Antshares, Neo first made its appearance in the West in 2016. This project was initially designed after forming partnerships with Chinese certification authorities to develop smart contracts 2.0.

It is considered by most experts as being a direct competitor to the Ethereum blockchain as unlike Ethereum which was developed using only one development code, Neo supports various development languages that allow developers greater freedom to develop a diverse ecosystem.

Neo showed spectacular market growth in 2017 before stabilizing, although there was some confusion among speculative users from several scam wallets.

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List of 10 best NEO wallets in 2021 

The top 10 NEO wallets in 2021 are:

  • Ledger Nano S
  • Neon Wallet
  • Neo Tracker
  • Ansy Neo Paper Wallet
  • Neo Wallet
  • O3 Mobile Wallet
  • Aphelion Wallet
  • Teemo
  1. Neo Wallet Ledger Nano S

All the crypto gurus agree that the most secure way to store your hard-earned coin is through secure offline hardware wallets. The Ledger Nano S is one of the most versatile Neo wallets on the market right now which also supports more than 30 different cryptocurrencies.

The Ledger comes with an OLED screen and two physical buttons which have to be pressed simultaneously to verify any purchase which makes it virtually impossible for any hacker to crack. Along with the private keys, there is also a secure pin which makes it two-factor authentication.

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  1. Neon Wallet

This is an independently developed desktop wallet by the City of Zion team and is one of the best NEO Wallet Mac. The Neo developers have reviewed it and expressed 100% satisfaction in the security of the wallet.

This wallet is relatively easy to install and begin using making it user-friendly especially for new users. The Ledger Nano S also uses the Neon wallet to store Neo coins making one of the safest and best wallets in 2021.

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  1. Neo GUI

The Neon GUI is the official Neo Wallet client for the PC. It is a graphical interface wallet that also has real-time synchronization which means you have to.

This means you will have to free up a significant amount of space to your PC to interact with your Neo tokens and manage them. This wallet has a small learning curve and is not for blockchain novices. The syncing time will be mainly dependent on the processing power of your PC.

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  1. Neo Tracker

Neo Tracker is one of the very few light user-friendly NEO web wallets that gives the user control over their private keys, without storing them on any online servers. It supports either chrome or edge allowing the browsers to store all of the user’s secure information for transactions.

The unique technology model makes all transactions hassle free and also adds an extra layer of security for cautious users. This has inbuilt explorer as well, making it one of the latest online neo wallets available. You can click on any of these links in order to create neo wallets.

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  1. Ansy Neo Paper Wallet

One of the safest ways to store your Neo coins is on a paper wallet, which is then stored in a secure location. Ansy is one such minimalist paper wallet on which the user’s encrypted private key and public key are printed.

The user can use the private keys when they want to use Neo coins for any kind of transaction and the public keys for sending tokens to their wallet. This makes the security of the ansy wallet extremely high as the user only has to make sure the printed paper remains secure.

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  1. Neo Wallet

Neo wallet is another light API based wallet that is quite popular for its ease of use and intuitive UI. The user-friendly interface makes tracking transactions easy for everyone, from beginners to long-time users.

The user’s personal wallet file is stored locally on the machine and not uploaded to the Neo Wallet servers. This wallet was developed by the Neo community who made sure all the messages send are encrypted to ensure absolute security.

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  1. Neo CLI

This is another desktop wallet developed by the Neo team similar to the Neo GUI. However, unlike the former, this wallet is controlled by command line prompts and is more suitable for advanced users who are used to the command language.

This wallet allows you to store, send or receive Neo tokens, making it one of the best NEO wallets for desktop users. It is also independent of any framework as all that is required to work is a command processor. This wallet is currently only available on Windows and Linux.

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  1. O3 Mobile Wallet

The O3 Wallet is a mobile-based wallet available for both Android and iOS devices, making it one of the best Neo Wallets ios. It has an appealing user-friendly interface which makes interacting and managing the user’s Neo coins convenient.

This wallet was developed exclusively for Neo and allows real-time monitoring of the portfolio all in the comfort of your own palm. This NEO wallet for Android and ios(mobile) also allows the user to split your digital assets into two different storages- a hot storage address which can be used to frequently interact with web-based services holding a smaller portion of the tokens and a cold storage address that will hold the larger portion of your holding for a rainy day.

This is an open-source and free to download Neo Wallet.

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  1. Aphelion Wallet

This is one of the latest Neo wallets for ICO. Aphelion supports both desktop and mobile wallets. This wallet getting more appreciation because of its user interface. They also have plans to launch a Neo DEX within the wallet.

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  1. Teemo

A few months back, the NEO community came up with Teemo wallet, whose main aim is to connect dapp with users and to address the trust issue between them. Teemo is a chrome browser extension wallet, which ensures privacy by retaining transaction information. The best part is that Teemo is an open-source communication network, which has a public interface provided by NEL (NewEconoLabs).

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