Pundi X Price Prediction 2020, 2025 | NPXS Price Prediction

Anisa Batabyal
| 13 March, 2020 | 2 min

Pundi X has been fluctuating a lot lately, and its price fell from $0.001014 to $0.000882 over the past few days and it seems to be not performing too well in the month of June. Towards the end of May, Pundi grew significantly from $0.000897 to $0.001136, which was a good surge as compared to the previous months.

Recently, DigiX announced its partnership with Pundi X for encouraging a full-fledged payment system. Pundi X unfolded Xphone with blockchain based operating system, a few months back where connectivity and content are totally organized in a node-to-node, distributed manner.

Pundi X (NPXS) is one of the very few performing coins amidst the market crash, where it deployed 5,500 of its blockchain-led Point Of Sales devices (XPOS) already which could lead to mass adoption. Pundi X aims to reach out to as many users as possible, and then add tens of thousands of new nodes to FunctionX, it's new blockchain ecosystem as told by the Vice President (VP) of the company, Junde Yu.

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Clearly, 2020 is the year for Pundi X, as it has plans of bringing its own payment ecosystem- the XWallet, XPASS, and XPOS, which would be of great help to governments, retailers and payment companies, which would definitely lead to fast-paced growth. The Pundi X community has full-fledged plans of stabilizing the payment ecosystem and modernizing the payment infrastructure amid hyperinflation. Pundi X is trading at 0.000105 with a market capitalization of $24,635,948 and a circulating supply of 234,328,006,047 NPXS.

What Is Pundi X (NPXS)?

Pundi X is a very recent project, founded in 2017 with the sole aim to make crypto available to more people. Pundi was launched by a veteran team full of crypto experience, called Wokoworks team, and they are well known for making crypto wallets. Pundi’s network is build of X POS, which are smart crypto terminals.

The main ideology of the Pundi X team is to connect their wallet buyers to a new system, after which cryptos can be used for making payments for various services which the company would perform. The best part is that the buyers do not have to worry about fiat to crypto conversion as the system allows for fiat/crypto exchanges as and when needed.

Pundi X has partnered with many trustworthy institutions and big projects. Pundi X, is however based on centralized and decentralized solutions, which might pose some problem to some of the users.

Market Prediction For Pundi X By Experts

Pundi X is one of the few coins, which has been backed up by a team, which is a champion in the crypto space. The market has lots of expectations based on its mission and vision. Let us check the predictions given by the prediction sites:

#1 Wallet Investor

Wallet Investor is a price prediction site which has done predictions on almost all the cryptocurrencies, listed on coinmarketcap. Wallet Investor predicts that by the end of 2020, NPXS might go down and reach $0.00010, which is almost 6X lesser than the current price.

#2 Crypto Ground

Crypto Ground, as the name suggests, is a cryptocurrency prediction website that predicts that Pundi X might reach around $0.00055 by the third or fourth quarter of 2020.

#3 Crypto Info Base

CRypto Info base gave a detailed price report on Pundi X, where they mentioned if all goes well, NPXS might reach $0.00018 by the end of 2020, and in the worst case scenario, Pundi X might reach $0.0001.

#4 Trading Beasts

Trading Beasts believe that Pundi X might go way higher than expected and might reach $0.002329 by 2020 end. This figure illustrates that this is indeed an extremely optimistic prediction.

#5 Coin Checkup

Coin Checkup believes that Pundi X can go through various scenarios, and came to a generalized conclusion that NPXS might reach $0.0001, which is the current price by end of 2020. To be optimistic, they have even mentioned that there are possibilities of it reaching as high as $0.0012.

Our Verdict On NPXS Price Prediction 2020

Pundi X has a very supportive community, which obviously facilitated free listing on the world’s largest exchange, Binance. However, NPXS has accelerated partnerships with big firms like Qtum, Stellar, NEM and many more. The Pundi community was one of the first amongst the one, who transferred blockchain to the area of data transfer, telephony and storage and not only financial transactions and money remittance. Even XPOS and XPASS are having plans of being used as a means of charitable donations. (NPXS News)

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Pundi X Price Prediction 2020

By 2020, NPXS is going to gain greater and newer heights. By then, Pundi X might position itself to become the go-to crypto debit card and world’s largest decentralized cryptocurrency sales network through the connection of Pundi X and POS devices. By 2020, the percentage of downloads and active monthly users might also soar high up and might double. They have plans of accommodating around 22,000 Pundi XPOS devices by 2020. Pundi X might reach $0.001348 by the end of 2020. (NPXS price prediction 2020)

Pundi X Price Prediction 2025

Pundi X adoptions and partnerships might grow exponentially in 5 years time frame. Pundi is going to power more festivals like ULTRA Taiwan, across the world, where the merchant adoptions would increase manifold. NPXS is even working towards becoming the largest offline sales network (like Walmart) through its offline sales solution in the years to come by 2025. (Pundi X price prediction 2025). By 2025, NPXS might reach $0.00337, which might help it go up the ranking order, too. (Pundi X news) You can convert NPXS to BTC at the best rate at CoinSwitch.

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*This price prediction is based on the data collected from various sources. This should not be considered as an investing parameter and user should do their own research before investing.