Top 25 Websites & Businesses That Accept Bitcoins In 2020

Anisa Batabyal
| 06 May, 2020 | 2 min

Bitcoin is not even the largest cryptocurrency in the world, but even the most popular cryptocurrency in the world with the highest rate of adoption all across the world. Countries like Japan and Russia have embraced Bitcoin with full support, wherein Japan has over 200,000 food outlets accepting Bitcoin and Russia is expecting to have its own national cryptocurrency.

Now is the season for vacation and the new year is about to come so if you are holding bitcoins, don’t you want to know which places across the world accept Bitcoins. Let us understand the top websites and businesses that accept cryptocurrencies and which will accept bitcoins in 2020. Eateries or food joints are the most visited places during holidays, so let's start with that, eventually descending into travel agents or airlines, gift cards, theatres, bars, shops and so on and so forth. These might help you explore places that accept bitcoins near you when you are traveling.

  1. Subway in Buenos Aires: This Subway outlet in Buenos Aires, Argentina is one of the most popular outlets accepting Bitcoin for their “Eat Fresh” products.
  2. Burger King in Russia: If you are visiting Russia, this is the best place where you can get a burger for bitcoins. As the country’s government is supportive of the cryptocurrency acceptance and started favoring Bitcoin as a mode of payment.
  3. is one of the first online retail stores to accept payment in bitcoins. They enable the customers to buy laptops or television sets by paying in bitcoins.
  4. McDonald’s: Who doesn’t know this famous fast food chain which is present in more than 200 countries? They have recently announced that they would be accepting Bitcoins from 2020.
  5. airBaltic: airBaltic is a famous airline located across Europe, Russia and the Middle East which is also one of the very first airlines to accept Bitcoins from its customers.
  6. British Airways: Recently, the famous airlines- British Airways announced that they will be accepting Bitcoins as their payment options very soon. This was possible after its partnership with bitcoin payment processor Bitnet was announced.
  7. Amazon: When it comes to online shopping or e-commerce business Amazon reigns. The question is does Amazon accept Bitcoins? Well, not yet but in order to transform as per the consumer need, Amazon is planning somewhere in 2020 to start accepting Bitcoin as their mode of payment.
  8. Lyft: Lyft is a commute service oriented company, based in San Francisco who has planned of accepting Bitcoins as early as 2020, and is currently developing the system to enable the customers to pay in BTC.
  9. eGifter: eGifter enables the users to buy gift cards in bitcoins and offer zero confirmation buying that helps the users to process the bitcoins transaction in an easy and fast manner. The best part is that the users can get rewards or points of two cents on every dollar spent using BTC.
  10. Major Cineplex: If you are visiting Thailand, then its a must-visit place, allowing the moviegoers to purchase the ticket using BCH payments.
  11. Hipster Bar Brewdog: Brewdog has spread its branches across the world. ITs new branch has opened up in London which started accepting Bitcoin as payment. James Watt, the co-founder stated that they are happy to announce a new way of purchasing beers.
  12. Reeds Jewelers, Inc: Reeds, one of the jewelry shops in the United States and 13 other locations accepts payment in bitcoins and has an online presence, too.
  13. Watch shopping is one of the leading online merchandise business that offers a variety of brands for women, men, and children. They encourage accepting cryptocurrencies as a mode of payment. Shop with bitcoin at
  14. More Stamps Global: This is the best time to travel and you can book your flights or hotels by paying through not only Bitcoin but around 30 other cryptocurrencies.
  15. Ocean Reef Resorts: Ocean Reef has luxury resorts in places like Destin, South Walton, or Panama City Beach. So, if you're planning a vacation in any of these spots, that’s great news for the Bitcoin hodlers as Ocean Reef accepts Bitcoin payments. This one of the hotels that accept bitcoins.
  16. BTCTrip: This is an online travel agency founded in 2013, which is New York-based lets its users book hotels or flight tickets by paying in bitcoins.
  17. Shopify: Shopify is a leading and renowned e-commerce company which lets its customers sell products via online shops. Three years back, Shopify enabled payment in Bitcoins through the popular BitPay. This is one of the best online stores that accept bitcoins.
  18. NameCheap: NameCheap is one of the oldest web services providers with over 1 million customers. Since 2013, they started accepting Bitcoin payments. NameCheap offers various types of web hosting services like WordPress web hosting, VPS and reseller web hosting.
  19. BitRefill: BitRefill is a bill payment service which lets you pay your bills through Bitcoins and other altcoins. It is mainly meaant for Australian users.
  20. Newegg: Newegg Inc is a leading e-commerce site which started accepting Bitcoin as a mode of payment for its Canadian customers.
  21. Expedia: Expedia group is a well-known American travel technology company which uses its website primarily as a travel aggregator and metasearch engine. This supports bitcoin along with other conventional modes of payments.
  22. Asos: The largest online retail store in UK, Asos, which specializes in beauty and makeup products, is all ready to accept payments in Bitcoins.
  23. AT&T: The largest Telecom and multi-channel video service provider, AT&T, is also included in the category of who accepts bitcoin in 2020.
  24. PizzaForCoins: Who doesn’t love Pizza as their guilty pleasure? Everyone does. This site PizzaForCoins verifies and tracks the nearest Pizza junctions(Dominos, Pizza Hut or Papa John’s) and lets you order your pizza by paying in bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. Just that a meager fee is included in the final bill.
  25. Microsoft: Last, but not the least, Microsoft, which needs no introduction, lets you use BTC to deposit funds into your Microsoft account. You can purchase apps, movies, XBOX, etc. Microsoft lets you know how to use bitcoins for purchases.

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