Top 3 High Potential Coins Right Now in 2019

Anisa Batabyal
| 06 May, 2020 | 2 min

Let us talk about the three coins with high potential in 2019:

Power Ledger: POWR/ BTC (Binance)

Power Ledger is a strong fundamental project with its utility in the Energy markets. It has seen a significant rise in price(Satoshi) of about 80% recently, hence it is one of the coins with the most upside potential.


After moving 80%+ recently, it will undergo a correction (drop) in the coming days/weeks.

As one can see in the chart above, there are 3 support levels(green bars) to look for accumulation before the next move up.

  • 1st level of support ranges from 0.00002593-0.00002734 Satoshi.
  • 2nd level of support ranges from 0.00002133-0.00002369 Satoshi.
  • 3rd level of support ranges from 0.00001793-0.00001914 Satoshi.


If the above support levels don't hold, specifically last level of support ranging from 0.00001793-0.00001914 Satoshi then it would be super bearish for the crypto asset and fall drastically after that.


0x (ZRX) has been contributing strong enough in developing the protocol and has come up additional products like instant purchasing on any website or app, being one of the potential coins to invest

It has been confirmed as well that it will be listed on the Coinbase exchange but since then it has fallen 70%+ in price.


In mid-December, it has seen a surge in price(45+%) and has tested the first resistance with dropping to the support level recently.

It needs to hold this support level(green bar) for some bullish action in the coming days/weeks.

If he manages to break the first resistance level ($0.35-$0.38)then some positive (upward) movement is possible in the near future.


If the current support level i.e. $0.025-$0.28 doesn't hold then it would be bad news for the bulls and we might see price below <$0.1 soon.


STORM has moved up 20%+ and dropped a bit recently but it can be one of the best coins to invest now.


Storm has shown some signs of bullish action with strong buy volume recently. It has tested the first resistance level (red bar) and has dropped to current support level (green bar)

It needs to hold the current support level in order to continue upward movement in the coming days/weeks.

  • Support Level:0.00000072-0.00000082 Satoshi.
  • Resistance Level:0.00000097-0.00000105 Satoshi
  • Resistance Level:0.00000124-0.00000143 Satoshi


If the current support level doesn't hold then it would be quite bearish for the asset and price will fall further in the near future.


The entire crypto market has seen a sell-off recently with 5 billion USD moving out of the total market cap of the crypto market which is not a good sign for the bulls.

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