Top 4 Crypto Hedge Funds in 2021 | Everything You Need To Know

Anisa Batabyal
| 30 December, 2020 | 2 min

Hedge Funds have been more or less a popular choice for investors who are reluctant to take risks as they can make profit easily with good returns if played properly. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum and other altcoins have been grabbing investor eyeballs. The investors understand the uniqueness of the blockchain technology and that people can exchange crypto with fiat currency easily given the infrastructure is accessible. That’s when the crypto hedge funds gained popularity. If you are interested, you must do thorough research on how to start a crypto hedge fund.

What is a Crypto Hedge Fund?

A crypto hedge fund is like a mutual fund, where a person can invest in a large group of underlying securities, unlike an ETF or an exchange. Hedge funds are managed by a team of experts. Although you can gain from hedge funds quickly, you might look out properly as the market is very volatile and sometimes can prove very risky. The value of cryptocurrency can go up and down due to its volatile nature, hence one should investigate or do crypto fund research before going ahead with this. We are going to provide with the list of crypto hedge funds that are becoming popular.

Let us have a look at the top crypto hedge funds:

#1 Pantera Capital

Pantera Capital is one of the best crypto funds, managing more than $700 million across 5 cryptocurrencies in two different venture funds. In order to be eligible for investing in this fund, you must have around $100,000, hence mostly the institutional investors or the ones with high net worth ends up investing. Pantera Capital has been around since 2013, so it has proved its worth and credibility in the market.

#2 CoinCapital

CoinCapital is mostly for individual investors as they have low criteria for investment, i.e., people with a net worth of $2.1 million. CoinCapital is known for investing in a lot of blockchain startup, individual coin offerings, and cryptocurrencies. They have been managing over 40 cryptocurrencies, including Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin, and Dash. CoinCapital is managed by people who have a wide knowledge of every aspect of a business- finance, marketing, and sales.

#3 Ember Fund

Ember Fund is developed with a focus on increased security, usability, and privacy. Their wallet technology provides state of the art security for users, making control of digital assets approachable. Ember Fund is one of the very first to build the most interesting and powerful property of blockchain technology: decentralization and self-custody. Their vision is to “build institutional-grade fund management technology and give it to anyone with a mobile device and $100.”

#4 Polychain Capital

Polychain Capital is one of the most popular cryptocurrency hedge fund, which raised around $175 million last year for their first venture capital fund. Polychain capital even started including stable coins and continue to add more cryptocurrencies in their list. Earlier in 2018, Polychain reached a new milestone by becoming the first crypto hedge fund with more than $1 billion assets managed by them. (Crypto Hedge Fund Performance)

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