Monero Mining Pool - Best Monero Mining Pool Options

Anisa Batabyal
| 30 April, 2020 | 2 min

Mining pools actually combine all the hashpower to mine efficiently, in order to get regular payouts. When you look out for any cryptocurrency mining pool, you should go with something trustworthy, known for paying the miners on time. The next big important thing is the mining pool fee, which shouldn’t be so high as you must know the higher the fee, the lower the payout. Another big factor to consider is the pool server location-where they are spread out and it should be aligned with wherever you are. A lower or minimum payout is better if you are not too concerned with the frequency of withdrawals. If you can get the minimum payout in a day or two with your rig you would be less concerned than if it would take 10+ days to hit the minimum payout.

Last but not least, you should mention the decentralization of the network. It is better to choose a smaller pool, and you can find with Monero that there are quite a number of miners who solo mine simply because it helps to keep the network as decentralized as possible. XMR stak supports AMD, CPUs and NVIDIA GPUs. Mining Pools like SupportXMR support only Monero. You need to consider the Monero mining calculator and the Monero mining hardware.

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Best Monero Mining Pool Options

The 5 Best Monero Mining pool options are:

  • MinerGate
  • Nano Pool
  • DwarfPool
  • MineXMR
  • SupportXMR

#1 MinerGate

MinerGate is very convenient and easy to use, with 99.7% uptime, and a mining fee of 1%, which is considered standard amongst the mining pools. MinerGate has a minimum payout of 0.01 XMR, wherein most people will be getting regular payouts. Very recently, MInerGate has introduced the web-based mining option, which made it very user-convenient.Minergate contributes roughly 16 MH/s to the world hashrate, which is approximately 460 MH/s, hence one of the best Monero pool 2020.

#2 Nano Pool

NanoPool is one of the most popular web-based Monero mining pool. Along with Monero, you can also mine other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Zcash, Siacoin, Pascal and many others. NanoPool provides with a low transaction and uncle fee and is based out of China. In order to start mining with XMR NanoPool, you need to install the Claymore Dualminer and extract the file in a folder after which you need to configure and execute the start.bat file

#3 DwarfPool

Dwarfpool is not just available for mining Monero, but other cryptocurrencies as well like Ethereum, Zcash, GroestlCoin and EXPANSE. Dwarfpool is an optimized stratum pool engine available online and has the most profitable Round Based Payment System (RBPS). It provides a fairly transparent mining statistic related to the mining account, which can be monitored via email. It also has an automatic payment feature, which sends the miners their payment once an hour. DwarfPool has powerful servers located across the globe and there are no transaction or hidden fees. It offers support in English and many Dutch languages.

#4 MineXMR

MineXMR comes with its unique minimum payout of 0.004 XMR, which makes it evident that getting daily payouts is normal and even the uptime is 100% for most of the time. MineXMR comes with a fast and reliable PPLNS payout scheme, with a hash rate of 95.36 MH/sec, with connected miners of around 19,300. This supports direct mining through an exchange as well.

#5 SupportXMR

SupportXMR is the mining pool, which supports only Monero, with a low mining fee of 0.6% and a payout of 0.1 XMR, proving it to be one of the best according to financial terms. You can keep a track of the daily performance of your rigs on the hash rate chart. The best part is that SupportXMR pays the miners every two hours, and not 24 hours and even allow to set your own specific threshold for exchange wallets. They are one of the best according to their uptime as its mostly 100%, with a hashrate of 82.89 MH/sec.

FAQs on Monero Mining Pool

1. Is Monero mining profitable?

Yes, it is profitable but still depends on multiple factors like hash rate.

2. How much Monero can you mine in a day?

This value depends on the price and mining capacity and many other factors, hence not stable.

3. Can you mine Monero with ASIC?

No, Monero is resistant to ASIC. You can check out the top Monero Mining Software here.

4. How long does it take to mine 1 Monero?

It takes 2 minutes to mine 1 Monero.

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