Latest Chainlink Wallets

Anisa Batabyal
| 28 July, 2020 | 2 min

What is Chainlink Wallet?

Chainlink allows you to connect blockchain-based smart contracts to the real-world data, events and payments.LINK is powered by Ethereum’s blockchain technology. Chainlink has successfully made it's way to the top 10 in the crypto market capitalization. The coin is listed on some of the most significant exchanges allowing users to trade it with coins like BTC and ETH conveniently. It has seen some leading tech companies who are joining the network because of the recent price surge.

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But where can you store your Chainlink (LINK), once you have bought it?

Once you have purchased a LINK cryptocurrency, you now will have to move that and store it in a wallet. The various types of wallets that are available include hardware wallet, Web-Based, Desktop & Mobile supported etc.

  • Chainlink Live Price

Chainlink (LINK) is currently trading at $8.25 with chainlink's market capitalization of $2,888,366,704 and a circulating supply of $350,000,000 LINK.

Top 5 Chainlink (LINK) Wallets

  1. Atomic Wallet:

Atomic Wallet is a Desktop/Mobile supported wallet that can be used for more than 300 coins, including LINK. It is a secured and decentralized wallet that protects the anonymity of the user. It has excellent customer service support. It is one of the most trusted wallets that is used worldwide.

You can download the wallet here 

    2. Ledger Nano X:

It is a hardware wallet that empowers the user to optimally secure, own and control cryptos. This wallet is in existence since the past 5 years and promises to deliver the highest security standard for crypto assets. Once you move a LINK to this wallet, it acts as a Chainlink wallet Ledger allowing you to monitor and manage your coins through your smartphone. The wallet comes in different variations giving users the flexibility to choose as per their needs.

You can download the wallet here

   3. Trezor Hardware Wallet: 

The wallet supports more than 1000 coins, including LINK. It is a hardware wallet whose purpose is to manage and protect your assets and identity offline. Trezor Hardware Wallet believes in complete transparency and efficient customer support. As soon as you set up our Trezor wallet, a unique seed which is 12 to 24 words long will be generated, enabling you to restore and access your wallet offline.

You can download the wallet here

    4. Freewallet:

Freewallet helps users store and manage digital currencies with ease. It supports iOS and Android devices. Users can easily log in to their account using their email, phone number etc. The app restricts the no. of transactions that can happen in a day/week to minimize the risk of theft. The app is very user friendly with an interface that translates into 13 languages. It also gives the user an added benefit of a fee-free transaction within the Freewallet network.

You can download the wallet here 

    5. Lumi Chainlink Wallet:

 The wallet is extremely secured, smoothly designed and supports more than a 1000 cryptocurrencies. Lumi provides Chainlink mobile wallet app for Android and IOS and WebChainlink wallet for all browsers. Lumi Chainlink wallet gives you easy access to your Chainlink cryptocurrencies. One of the most critical features of this wallet is that it maintains complete anonymity of the user.

You can download the wallet here

FAQ’s on Chainlink Wallets

  1. Where can I find Chainlink Wallets?

We have mentioned our top wallets that supports LINK, i.e. Chainlink cryptocurrency. You can go ahead and download any one wallet of your preference. A wallet can help you manage, store and monitor your currencies with complete ease.

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