Top LUXCoin Wallets

Anisa Batabyal
| 30 December, 2020 | 2 min

Most cryptocurrencies created these days are meant to work on mobile platforms, and the same holds true for LUXCoin. Each wallet created for LUXCoin mainly focuses on creating a secure and unified interface that is easy and simple to use. Great emphasis is laid on security, as many phishing software look to gather information from mobiles and tablets. Thus it is important to know what LuxCoin wallets app is, and is it the best for mobiles if they are safe and secure to use. Listed below are some of the best LUXCoin Wallets for iOS and Android. 

Choosing the best LUXCoin Wallet app is tough, as developers are providing many options for cryptocurrency users. Since every wallet has something new and better to offer, it becomes difficult to choose which is the best. But the choice should not be based on the hype the wallet generates but based on the answers to some basic questions. Ask yourself why you need the wallet and what amount you plan to store. An indicative list of LUXCoin Wallets is given below choose any based on the answers to your questions. 

Bread Wallet

The Bread Wallet can be installed directly from Google or AppStore. The LUXCoin Wallet software specializes in sending and receiving tokens. The major advantage of this app is, it is not vulnerable to phishing attacks as it does not use a standard network interface. It works on SPV mode, and that facilitates a direct connection with the LUXCoin network. The Bread Wallet is a secure application, and the private keys are not stored on the server, and hence the user has control over the wallet and is less prone to hacking. The software can be downloaded free of charge, and the transaction fee is as per the network standards. 


Another safe Lux wallet download for both iOS and Android is Copay. Though it is an open-source implementation, it has set a high bar when it comes to security. It uses a multi-signature feature, which allows several users to log in simultaneously, which is useful in companies that need group consent for transactions. It also works in the traditional single sign-on mode too. An important feature of Copay, which makes it a very useful app for generating LUXCoin wallets, is the HD feature. It allows users to create HD Wallets using seed keys and hence need not backup data. Every time it is used, the addresses are generated sequentially and hierarchically and hence no need to worry about backup. 

Mycelium Wallet

This LUXCoin Wallet app works both on iOS and Android and offers HD security features just like the Copay wallet. The major benefit of using this app over others is the high level of security it provides. It uses a system protocol called BIT ID, which provides secure authorization and is unlike others that allows login via passwords. MyCelium private key generation is extremely secure and hence the safest. The system is open-source; hence you can expect more promising features in the future. The only minus is that the interface is not simple and different from other wallets. 


It is considered as a one-stop LUXCoin Wallet app for mobiles. The project is decentralized and is fully flexible. It can be scaled up or down based on needs and the number of crypto coins. It is considered as a stable, secure, and private app with encryption happening on the client-side, and the use of HD addresses increasing privacy. 

Anonymous LUXCoin Wallet

Electrum: There are not many apps in the list of anonymous crypto wallets as they are targets for hackers. Electrum is among the few apps that have become successful as an anonymous crypto wallet. It offers great flexibility and can be used on a number of devices and hence popular among traders and crypto enthusiasts. 

When developing any app in the cryptocurrency market, the main focus will be on preventing the theft of funds. All the above-mentioned apps for LUXCoin Wallets are secure, and developers are constantly working on new features to prevent hacking. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. Which is the best LUXCoin wallet?

All the top LUXCoin wallets are mentioned here. You can choose any of them as per the convenience and features.

  1. Is LUX coin profitable?

LUXCoin can be considered as a coin with great plans. 

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