USB BitcoinMiner Review 2020

Anisa Batabyal
| 06 May, 2020 | 2 min

At a time when the cryptocurrencies are coming into the mainstream market, the scope for mining has increased many folds. US Bitcoin miner is one such device that eases this complex process and enables even a beginner to set up their own little hub.

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What is USB Bitcoin Miner?

A USB Bitcoin Miner is a small device used by miners to improve the mining power of their computers. Mining for cryptocurrencies is a power-consuming process, and the computer could also generate too much heat. Using USB Bitcoin miners would help bring down this pressure on the computers as they can be used to set up an external assistance hub for the power generation and speeding up the process. 

Since the Bitcoins are awarded to the miners who solve the first, the most important factor in mining is an efficient mining device. The USB Bitcoin miners are far easier to handles, connect in multiple numbers, and save more and more space on the workstation. Mainly, these are used to increase the CPU power of the mining computers.

How Do USB Bitcoin Miners Work?

A mining computer would have specific software suitable for the mining process. A USB Bitcoin miner enhances the power of the mining computer. Most importantly, one can connect multiple USB miners to create a hub and then connect it to the computer that would tremendously increase the overall power of the computer and speed for hashing. About 6 USB miners can provide a hashing output power of 2 GigaHashes.

Hashing is the process of converting transaction data into a sequence of numbers and letters that are longer. 

The importance of these USB miners is the limited number of USB ports on a computer. Having the external hub creates more power and reduces the heat generated by the computer in the process. The external hub will have other factors in it and an additional external power input as well. 

Moreover, the USB can also connect to external devices such as USB Bitcoin miner Raspberry pi to have the running capacity of the miners. 

Top 3 USB Bitcoin Miner 2020

The leading USB Bitcoin miners 2020 are 

  • ASIC Bitcoin miner that has a power of 25 Giga hashes per second. But the drawback here is that it gets heated up really quickly and constantly requires an active cooling system.
  • Avalon Nano is one of the low powered USB miners that has only 3.6 Gh per second. Though heating capacity is very low, it does not generate more earning per year.
  • Gekkoscience Compac USB Stick can perform up to a power of 15 Gh per second. This is one of the most popular mining devices and has more support with its working from others. This is a low-cost option, but the cooling system should be high class. 

How To Make Your Own USB Bitcoin Miner?

There are options for a setup of your own USB Bitcoin miner for beginners. This is a low-cost option and functions just like any other set up. 

In order to build a USB Bitcoin miner, you need two basic factors, and a minicomputer set up to run the software and external mining hardware. Both of these are made of different components. The needed components are

  • Minicomputer

  1. Raspberry pi a small computer that is just the size of a credit card
  2. A class 10 SD card with 4 GB memory to act as the hardware for the computer
  3. USB cable to connect the system to the power source. 
  • External Hardware

  1. ASIC miners to get maximum output
  2. A USB hub to connect to the power source
  3. USB fan to cool down the miners that would be working all the time
  4. An ethernet cable to get connected to the internet

The Setup Procedure

  • Cover the Raspberry pi with its cover. 
  • Upload the mining software into the SD card and insert it in its slot on the Raspberry pi
  • Connect the Raspberry Pi to the USB hub with the power cord
  • Now, connect all your ASIC miners into the USB slots available in the hub
  • Place the USB fan to cool down the miners and connect its cord to the hub
  • Plugin the USB cable to transfer data from miners to Raspberry and connect it to the internet through the Ethernet cable. 
  • Connect the hub to the power source and switch on the power to start mining. 

The Verdict

You must understand that Bitcoin mining is a power-consuming process, and not everyone can get huge benefits. When mining is a hobby, having your own USB mining setup is a better option than spending too much on other options. At the same time, the small USB miners do not occupy too much space, which is a huge advantage. 

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