XYO Price Prediction 2019 - XYO Price May Touch $0.004808 In 2019

Anisa Batabyal
| 07 June, 2019 | 2 min

XYO has been doing wonders and is proud of its ongoing and upcoming achievements. With the launch of “XY Stick”, XYO started enabling the eCommerce retailers to track their products in real time. Very recently, Everipedia, Crypto’s Wikipedia version announced that XYO’s geospatial blockchain technology would help verify crowdsourced contributions on its encyclopedia site, which is decentralized. This would help in the growth of the XYO network and Everipedia, both at the same time.

Metadium also partnered with XYO, to track the products in real time. So, basically by incorporating the location data of XYO to the Self Sovereignty Identity (SSI) puzzle, wherein the personal identities and location would be secure and unleaked. So, along with this, the XYO technology brings blockchain to the real world, with the availability of its “COIN” app for the owners of geo-mining kits. XYO price today is $0.001372 with a market capitalization of $11, 379,525 (XYO share price) and circulating supply of 8,295,439,522.

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What Is XYO (XYO)?

XYO is formed in an effort for the creation of geospatial blockchain enabled location network so that it provides certain and accurate location data on everything right from smartphones to cars. The XYO ecosystem plans to deliver verified coordinates and data needed for execution of smart cities, smart contracts, power a legion of location-centric applications and foster financial transactions. These can be done by combining the location beacons to mobile devices or IoT (Internet of Things).

XYO taps out in the Ethereum blockchain to enable the users to call out for queries that revolve around the location requests. The XYO Network was launched by XY in 2012, building self-driving vehicles, autonomous drones, and GPS services. XYO debuts as a Proof of Origin Consensus algorithm which stores the information on a public blockchain called the XYOMainChain.

Market Prediction For XYO By Experts

XYO Network stock price has been totally unique in terms of its goal and growth. The vision behind the XYO network reveals a lot about its potential. Let us have a look at some of the XYO network predictions:

#1 Digital Coin Price

Digital Coin Price gave the prediction data for the upcoming 7 years, and they have predicted that by the end of 2019, XYO might reach $0.00436344. They have projected that by 2025, XYO might go up to $0.01189443.

#2 Wallet Investor

Wallet Investor is an updated prediction website, which is known for a conservative outlook on cryptocurrency price. They have predicted that by 2019 end, XYO might reach $0.00142.

#3 Coin Checkup

Coin Checkup predicts that by 2019 end XYO might reach $0.0113 by 2019 end, which they have derived after certain implications and considering certain aspects.

#4 Crypto Ground

Crypto Ground has given a detailed XYO price prediction, wherein they believe that XYO might reach $0.0034 in one year and $0.073 in 5 years time. They think that XYO might increase by almost 200% in 5 years duration.

Our Verdict On XYO Price Prediction 2019

As per the XYO roadmap, 2019, XYO is going to go through a lot of changes and updates. XYO plans on growing global network of XYO Sentinels, which are basically location verifiers and data providers and even other components of the XY Oracle Network, consisting of diviners, archivists, and bridges. XYO even has plans to launch SatoshiXYO and VitalikXYO satellite sentinels, where the stakes would be sold in Low earth orbit satellites, which would represent the ownership in the form of token awards. These developments might lead XYO to reach $0.004808 by 2019 end as per the future XYO price chart.

XYO Token Price Prediction 2019

XYO already has partnered with Microsoft, where they will work together for the creation of “push button” which can be accessed by the clients via the Azure ecosystem. These new apps would be decentralized and would utilize smart contracts in the process. XYO even plans to formalize business partnerships with the larger entities that can benefit from a decentralized and trustless location oracle like supply chain companies, e-commerce business, logistics systems, and other niches. XYO Might reach $0.004808 by 2019 end once all these developments take place. (XYO stock price)

XYO Coin Price Prediction 2020

XYO roadmap for 2020 looks like there would be ample developments lined up for that year. XYO plans to expand the global reach of the XYO oracle network. By 2020, XYO might gain more mass adoption and even their use cases might increase exponentially. XYO might get much more identification that the past years. XYO might be high on partnership and might expand across the world. XYO is estimated to reach around $0.009616.

XYO Future Price Prediction In 5 Years

XYO might reach to greater and new heights in 5 years time frame. As predicted by the market experts, XYO Might be one of the tokens to look forward in the upcoming 5 years. XYO might even go up the ranking order and might be one of the top 50 coins by market capitalization in 5 years and might reach $0.01202.

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*This price prediction is based on the data collected from various sources. This should not be considered as an investing parameter and user should do their own research before investing.