Cryptopia is an International cryptocurrency exchange based out of Cantebury and is currently ranked as the 45th largest cryptocurrency exchange by 24-hour trade volume. They also provide a mining pool, auction house and marketplace, several stable nodes on the network, and a support framework for each coin accepted on the site.

  • Headquartered : Christchurch, Canterbury
  • Exchange Type : Crypto-Crypto
  • Markets : Global
  • CEO : Alan Booth

CoinSwitch integration with Cryptopia

CoinSwitch is the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange aggregator supporting over 275+ coins and 45,000+ currency pairs - the highest in the world. CoinSwitch provides the following features to its users while trading on its platform:

  • Compare and Trade : Coinswitch users can now compare prices and trade on Cryptopia alongside other partner exchanges without having to create an account with them.
  • Security : Coinswitch doesn’t require its users to maintain custodian wallets. Customers can choose their own wallets.
  • Support : CoinSwitch provides a dedicated support portal for its users to facilitates an end-to-end trade.
Cryptopia Card *Cryptopia sample rate card on CoinSwitch

How to use CoinSwitch (2 min tutorial)