API Trading Beta Launched!

Boost profits with intelligent automation.


Unleash the Power of API Trading to…


Seize profitable trading opportunities with automated orders


Save valuable time otherwise spent watching the market


Trade 24*7, even when you’re asleep

Limited-time offer!

Only for the first few API traders..


New traders pay ZERO** fees on all API trades for first 30 days

1. Rebate will be credited to CoinSwitch wallet within 45 days.
2. For rest fees of 0.05% on all API trades.

Have queries about API Trading?

Drop us an email at api@coinswitch.co
Frequently asked questions
What is API trading in Crypto?
API is short for Application Programming Interface, which is a set of rules describing how two applications interact. For crypto trading, an API allows you to connect with your exchange, giving you access to real-time market data and allowing you to make trades from your CoinSwitch PRO account.
Is CoinSwitch API free?
Yes, the access to our API is free. As an introductory offer, we have even made the trading fee Zero.
Why should I use API Crypto?
Access to real-time data: CoinSwitch PRO APIs provide real-time data. Security: Crypto APIs are typically secure and use encryption to protect sensitive information.