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Dynamo Bot
Haveli Makers
Running Since
Aug 23
Historical Profit
Minimum Investment
₹50 K
Total TV Generated
₹50 Cr+
Profit Sharing
Satoshi Seeker
Running Since
Dec 23
Historical Profit
Minimum Investment
₹10 L
Total TV Generated
₹350 Cr+
Profit Sharing
Power Pulse
PulseBot Pro
Running Since
Jul 23
Historical Profit
Minimum Investment
₹5 Lac
Total TV Generated
₹300 Cr+
Profit Sharing

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Disclaimer: The above information is provided based on the historical trading performance of the Creators. CoinSwitch does not make any representations with the respect to the efficacy, accuracy, suitability, fitness or profitability of any algorithm or strategy developed by the Creators.

About The Strategy Creators

Trading Expert | 4.8
● 6figuretrades specializes in crypto arbitrage trading, leveraging price discrepancies across exchanges to maximize profit and minimize risk.
● Operated by a software developer turned crypto trader with over two years of industry experience, they combine technical expertise and strategic insight for consistent returns.
Haveli Makers
Crypto Expert | 4.8
● Haveli Makers is an HFT firm, majorly focusing on crypto markets. They build and provide trading strategies to various platforms.
● Founded by Mr. Mudit Agarwal, Haveli makers constantly monitors and updates it’s strategy to get the best results
PulseBot Pro
Trading Expert | 4.9
● PulseBotPro is a High Frequency Trading firm delivering top-tier algorithmic trading for an exclusive clientele in crypto, Indian equities and derivatives.
● Led by market experts Ashish and Sudhanshu, PBP offers personalized, agile and secure trading solutions with 99% system uptime, ensuring continuous market advantage.

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A reliable, fast and user-friendly crypto trading platform. What I liked most about CoinSwitch PRO is their UX and extensive range of crypto available for trading. I have consistently increased my profits with this. Highly recommend it to everyone who wants to increase profits without any hassle.
I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with the SmartInvest feature. Ayushi’s expertise and dedication made the whole process seamless and efficient. They were very proactive in resolving all kinds of queries and were always available, even on phone calls. The feature provided unparalleled flexibility and rapid utilization of the funds, allowing me to focus on other things. Overall, it enhanced my returns and I look forward to utilize it further to optimize my portfolio every year.
The performance of SmartInvest bots provided by PulseBot Pro in association with CoinSwitch PRO is impressive. It consistently outperforms the market avg. returns across multiple financial instruments in the market. Founders of PulseBot Pro are domain experts, which gives a sense of comfort since you are trusting someone with your money.

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Frequently asked questions

How exactly is profit calculated in SmartInvest?
Your profit in SmartInvest on PRO will be calculated as the difference between your account value after the invested amount has been traded, minus your initial account value. Your account value will be calculated as the sum total of your wallet balance, portfolio value and TDS paid.
Will my capital also be converted into TDS?
As part of the SmartInvest process, both your invested amount and profits will be converted into TDS. You can claim this amount when you file your income tax returns for the year.
If I started SmartInvest after 1st April, 2023, when will I get my TDS returns?
If you have started SmartInvest after 1st April, 2023, you can claim your TDS returns when you file your ITR for the financial year 2024-2025.
Is SmartInvest compliant with the rules defined by the Income Tax Department of India?
Yes, CoinSwitch is an FIU registered company which is KYC and PMLA compliant. SmartInvest is a completely legal activity.
Do I have to write my own code to take part in SmartInvest?
No, you do not have to write any code. In order to start SmartInvest, you simply have to pick one of the available trading strategies and leave the rest to our expert developers. If you want to write your own code and run them on CoinSwitch PRO, you can try API trading.
What are the steps I need to follow to start SmartInvest?
1. Select the trading strategy that you are interested in.
2. Our SmartInvest team will call you, clear your doubts and explain the entire process. (Call back may take up to 48 hours).
3. Once you are satisfied, we will create a secure WhatsApp group for further communication. Then you can add funds to your PRO wallet and share your API keys directly with our developer.
4. Now sit back and watch your money grow. Check TDS in the 'wallets and fees' section of your CoinSwitch PRO account.
How much profit can I expect?
The historical profit generated by each strategy is mentioned in the card. Kindly note, this is just a indicator of how the strategy has performed in the past. The actual profits may vary.
If SmartInvest has been set up, can I trade normally in the same account?
No. While the developer is trading on your behalf, it is ideal not to trade on your own since it will disrupt the profit calculations at the end. Instead, consider opening another account from a trusted friends/relatives contact for the purpose of SmartInvest.
Do I need to have separate money/wallet for it?
No. Your CoinSwitch wallet will be used for all your trading activity on PRO.
How can I trust the developers strategy? Have they been tested enough?
All the strategies have been throughly tested for 6 months by the CoinSwitch team before being listed on PRO. We follow extreme due diligence on our end to ensure that only the best and most tried & tested stratgies are made available to our users.
Is CoinSwitch charging me anything for this feature?
No, you do not have to pay anything extra to CoinSwitch apart from the commission that we charge. However, a part of your profits before tax will go to the creator as a compensation for services provided.
When will I get my TDS back?
Once you file your returns, you will get the money back in the next financial year, along with your other returns.
Will CoinSwitch be liable if the developer had made losses and is not agreeing to payback the same?
Yes. CoinSwitch will ensure that this does not happen, as we have legal contracts signed which specifically stops developers from doing this.
Can I claim TDS quaterly or half yearly and not wait for the financial year to end?
No. this is a government law, all tax returns come only once in a financial year (annual), not quarterly or half yearly or any other tenure.