Switch: Making sense of modern money

Our relationship with finance is changing. We save, invest, spend, and transact on our phones. We’re sold loans, wealth management, and investment services based on our data.

We opt to pay later for things we buy but can’t afford right now; we split bills, invest in stocks and bonds, remit money, and purchase expensive foreign stocks in fractions with apps. Artificial intelligence offers personalized investment advice.

Our life is getting a lot better.

Much of this is good for us. But the information overload, the urge to act on every piece of news, and the digital exhaust that comes with it pose a risk to our financial health.

Fear of missing out, fuelled by social media and instant messaging, is driving investment decisions. Mis-selling is rampant. Pump and dump schemes are all too common. With the virality of tips, scams, and get-rich-quick schemes, it has become hard for investors to make the right decisions.

In a bull market, everyone becomes an expert trader. In a bear market, everyone is a value investor.

It’s easy to get lost and feel overwhelmed by the complex and changing world of personal finance. This is where Switch comes in.

What we do here

We are here to help you make sense of modern money. We’re not just going to say do your own research. We’re going to equip you with ideas, frameworks, and stories that help you do that. We will simplify, demystify, and bring clarity to this world of finance so you can navigate the change better.

To be sure, Switch is not a platform for investment advice. Our tagline “making sense of modern money” speaks to our mission of enabling financial empowerment by decoding modern finance while keeping the focus on how it relates to you.

Welcome to Switch

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