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14 Aug 2021

13-Year-Old From Goa Is India’s Blue-Eyed Boy For Crypto


Namaste India, 

We’ve achieved a new milestone. India is in her 75th year of Independence. This calls for a special round of celebration (glasses clinking, fireworks in the sky, pleasing melody in the background). 

And for all the crypto bugs out there, it’s time to remember folks who are striving hard to build this nation and make India the epicenter of innovation and excellence. 

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Let’s start this new journey by talking about someone who’d surely inspire you. Someone who is an exemplar for the young innovators of tomorrow (as young as the 7th graders!). And whose success is a pride to our country and a boon to the crypto community. 

Gajesh Naik, the 13-year old crypto-maverick from Goa is the center-piece of today’s article. 

So, what’s so cool about Gajesh’s story? 

Despite being too young to even sign a legal contract, Gajesh is the brainchild (quite literally!) behind a DeFi protocol that has managed $7 million in cryptocurrencies. At the age of 13, Gajesh is the chief architect of PolyGaj and StableGaj – decentralised applications (dApps) on the Polygon network that provides users access to crypto-investing. 

Wait, did I say ‘decentralised applications’? How did a 7th grader end up working on something only seasoned crypto users are expected to know about?

Be like Gajesh! 

While the first wave of COVID-19 pandemic and the following lockdown had us crippled, little Gajesh was busy rolling out content on YouTube. The lessons on coding were meant to educate primary school students from vernacular languages.  

At the age of 8, Gajesh began learning coding at bootcamps. And is a master in coding languages such as C, C++, Java, JavaScript, and Solidity. It was a 2018 International Blockchain Conference held in Goa that ignited Gajesh’s interest in cryptocurrencies. 

‘Being a relatively newer topic with less knowledge available in the public domain, Gajesh takes direct tutelage from professors of MIT and Stanford,’ said Siddhivinayak, Gajesh’s father. Today, with more than 23,000 followers on Twitter, Gajesh is not just a founder but also a leading influencer on all things crypto in India. 

India’s 100 is Secured.

Imagine what India has achieved and unlocked in the past 74 years! In 1947, hardly 15% of India’s population was literate. Today, a 13-year old can curate content for his peers, create a decentralized financial solution and sell NFTs to a global audience.

But of course, a lot more needs to be done. India’s stellar tech industry propelled by revolutionizing technologies like the internet and the blockchain can make all the difference. And several 13-year old Gajeshs are in the making to secure India’s dreams when she turns 100. 

Jai Hind! 

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