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5 Apr 2021

A Big Day for Us! Behind the Scenes of Our Disney+Hotstar T20 Partnership

Nisha Ramesh

It is that time of year again when the heat on the most celebrated sport in India, ‘Cricket’, is turned up. The teams are set, vigorous practice is underway, the stadium is all pruned, and the T20 series is about to begin.

This year will be different; instead of crowds roaring ‘Whistle Podu’, ‘Munday Dilli Ke’, ‘Play Bold’ etc., the stadiums will be empty due to the pandemic. However, just like how we are working towards reaching cryptocurrencies to every Indian digitally, streaming channels like Disney +Hotstar are working hard to bring cricket to your homes. 

You may be wondering, ‘What are these guys doing talking about cricket?’. Well, for one, we follow cricket like we do crypto and also, we have some great news. 

“CoinSwitch is proud to announce that we have partnered with Disney+Hotstar as associate sponsors for the upcoming T20 series”.

What Are We Up To?

We are way too excited to get our thoughts together, but we will try. Over the past two weeks, our entire crew has been pouring their hearts and minds into making the best of the Disney+Hotstar partnership. 

Here is a list of what we are up to:

  1. If you are watching the match on Disney+Hotstar live, you may spot us between timeouts in creative and fun #TradeKarBefikar ads featuring cryptocurrencies. Although it is not the first time we are airing ads during a T20 season, this time, we have some celebrity surprises in the funnel for you.
  2. We have a new Cricket and Crypto series up and running on our Kuberverse blog. It is a season-long series where we will attempt to help you understand crypto in the language of cricket.
  3. For those who are watchers rather than readers, we are adding educational content around cricket and crypto on our youtube channel
  4. Our social media team has been coming up with brilliant campaign ideas for the season. These campaigns will be run on our social media platforms allowing participants to win exciting rewards. 
  5. As a bonus, we are also updating our youtube channel with vernacular content around crypto. It is meant to be a go-to repository for all things crypto and CoinSwitch. 

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Why Are We Partnering with Disney+Hotstar T20 Series?

The massive ongoing Bitcoin rally, followed by rising institutional investment into the crypto market steered by Elon Musk’s Tesla, MicroStrategy and Square, has led to high awareness and confidence among retail investors. 

However, cryptocurrency is a very niche market. Only thirty million people have been investing in established asset classes such as stocks and mutual funds in India. So, we took it as our mission to imbibe cryptocurrency as an asset class across India and make CoinSwitch Kuber synonymous with India’s crypto investment. 

With the myths and uncertainties surrounding the crypto market, we felt it was the right time to take a bold step. We wanted to bring crypto to the mass media and educate users about cryptocurrency. The Disney+Hotstar partnership seemed like a perfect opportunity.

Never having spent on branding before, the T20 series could be a great start. Since most of our investors fall under 18-23 years of age, cricket could help us reach and educate the youth who are ready to invest in the future. 

We want to use our ads to start everyday conversations around cryptocurrency and CoinSwitch Kuber as the crypto platform. Apart from this, our efforts and engagements to share helpful content around investing could be a game-changer for the market. 

Ashish Singhal, CEO and Co-founder, said: 

“With the massive momentum in the crypto markets, we feel it is time to seize the opportunity and go big. The upcoming T20 series on Disney+ Hotstar is the ultimate medium for us to initiate a conversation around cryptocurrencies as it perfectly captures our TG – young, upward and mobile Indians who are technology savvy. Through this partnership, we hope to make them aware about cryptocurrencies as a rewarding investment option and CoinSwitch as their platform of choice for investing in crypto.” 

What’s Happening Behind the Scenes?

Since day one, all the members of the CoinSwitch have put on their busy boots. All the teams have put their blood and sweat into making this partnership a grand success. We have also partnered with some influencers, youtube channels, and advertising firms to support us this season. 

Here is a sneak peek of our production team, all geared up for our crypto film. 

Ad shootOur production team geared up for action

It has been a crazy couple of weeks at CoinSwitch Kuber. 

Ad shoot 2Tired Superhumans at Work

Working on such a huge project could be quite a task in normal times itself. But, our superhumans have gone the extra mile to make this possible during such challenging times. 

Many of us are working on things that have never been done anywhere else, like using cricket to explain crypto. It is definitely hard work, but we are enjoying every minute of it.

We hope you enjoy what we are bringing to you too.

Disclaimer : Crypto products and NFTs are unregulated and can be highly risky. There may be no regulatory recourse for any loss from such transactions. The information provided in this post is not to be considered as investment/financial advice from CoinSwitch. Any action taken upon the information shall be at user's own risk.


Nisha Ramesh

Content Writer

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