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18 Dec 2020

5 Must Read Books To Understand Bitcoin

Nisha Ramesh

Bitcoin Price has been rallying at a 3 year high of $23,000, BTC’s all-time high ever.

This 2020 has been an incredible year for Bitcoin enthusiasts, especially in India too. From lifting of the so-called ban on trading crypto assets to the value of Bitcoin skyrocketing in a short time, Bitcoin has made the headlines. Don’t believe us? Check the Bitcoin to INR here

Because of its rising popularity, many more people are adopting it as a store of value and placing their trust in it as a currency as a medium of exchange.

People are starting to realize the flaws in the current money system and understanding the importance of cryptocurrencies with the success of on-going Bitcoin Revolution.

If you have not been involved yet, it is not too late for you to join the bandwagon.

For that, you need to read more and understand the technology before jumping the gun. You may get a brief understanding of Bitcoin right off the internet, but there is nothing like a good book.

Best Books To Learn About Bitcoin (BTC) Cryptocurrency

That’s why here is a list of few books that are essential to enter the world of Bitcoin. These books will help you understand Bitcoin’s philosophy.

1. The Little Bitcoin Book

This Little book explored bigger things of life and was published in 2019. It is handy if you want to get a quick and concise understanding of Bitcoins.

This book is meant to explain the question:

‘Why Bitcoin matters for your Freedom, Finances and Future’.

The Little Bitcoin book is a collection of views of many Bitcoin enthusiasts who are committed to its democratization. 

The best part of this book is the FAQ section added to it. It answers all the possible questions you might have regarding Bitcoins and its technology. It could be a concise addition to your knowledge library. 

2. Bitcoin For The BeFuddled

This book is a common man’s dictionary to the world of Bitcoin.

To bridge the gap between the current currency system that we are accustomed to and Bitcoins distributed ledger system. The authors have taken much trouble to help readers connect with Bitcoins.

If you are someone who can’t stand too much technicality in books, this is just the perfect pick. It has comic strips to explain certain concepts and is low on technical explanations when compared to other readers. 

Bitcoin for the Befuddled is a guide for beginners who are looking to explore bitcoins more excitingly. 

3. The Bitcoin Standard

The Bitcoin was introduced as an alternative to the flaws in the current financial system. It has pushed many economists to think and take a more in-depth look at our economy. 

One such economist has authored this book.

The Bitcoin Standard explores deep into this new technology and presents Bitcoin as an alternative to central banking. If you strongly believe in the current banking and financial system, this book may be set to change your perspective. 

This book has even been suggested to be used as a part of school curriculums.

4. The Book Of Satoshi

Satoshi Nakamoto is the person behind the inception of Bitcoin in the year 2009.

An author named Paul Champagne has put together the writings of Satoshi and has attempted to make the reader get the feel of the beginning and rise of the first-ever cryptocurrency. 

Nobody knows who Satoshi was, but this book gives us clues that are based on facts as to who he/she really was. 

The Book of Satoshi takes its reader on a journey along with Satoshi.

It gives its readers a glimpse of how it began, times when Satoshi explained this concept to the world back then. It even goes more in-depth to reveal the channels of communication he used to during its early days. 

This book is for someone curious to know the story behind Bitcoin and its technology.

5. Blockchain Revolution

A father-son duo authors the Blockchain Revolution. It highlights the potential of how blockchain as a technology can revolutionize the future of the world economy. 

Blockchain is an integral part of Bitcoin cryptocurrency too. The book dips the readers’ toes into this new wave of technology.

It gives insight into how blockchain can change money and business for good. Some people regard it as a fantasy, but it is a good starting point for anyone new to the concept of blockchain. 

Bottom Line

Bitcoin is rising in popularity, and many companies, as well as countries around the world, are starting to adopt it widely. I believe that Bitcoin becoming mainstream is not a long road from here.

There is a saying that goes by: 

If you can’t beat them, join them. 

It has been a decade now, and Bitcoin has risen high despite the heavy criticism and unacceptance. Bitcoin is now at a stage where it cannot be beaten, so it is better to join the revolution. And where do you join this revolution, you ask? Right here where you can buy Bitcoin at the best rate.

The books mentioned above should give you a deeper understanding of Bitcoin and help you have a smooth journey into this novel concept. 

Happy Reading, Folks!

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Nisha Ramesh

Content Writer

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