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23 Nov 2020

5 Must Watch Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Documentaries

Nisha Ramesh

The concept of documentaries has lingered around ever since videography was introduced to humankind.

In recent times, the popularity of OTT platforms such as Netflix, Hotstar, and amazon prime has brought the art of documentaries to life. 

A good documentary is like a window to the real world. It inspires us and tells us stories we have never seen before. There are documentaries on human life, animals, business tycoons, and even the success stories of wall street. 

Wait for it; this is for the crypto fans out there.

Best Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Documentary

There are many surreal documentaries based on bitcoins and cryptocurrencies too.

Cryptocurrencies are a comparatively new market that entered about a decade ago, and there is so much buzz around the internet regarding it.

But there is nothing like watching a movie about it. 

Hence, I present a list of documentaries that will keep anyone fixated regardless of whether you are an ardent cryptocurrency follower or are just curious about it. 

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#1. The Bitcoin Documentary (Must See)

Opening in the shores of Melbourne, Australia, this documentary gives us a window to the technology adoption in their country. It is a three-part mini-documentary that will introduce you to some of their innovators, technology experts, merchants, and pioneers.

The documentary shares stories of great success and loss. And, brings you in on some bitcoin mining operations and some shops and retail stores that have been accepting bitcoins as payments since the early days.

This documentary is a round-up of how modern Australia is embracing bitcoins and why it thinks that bitcoins are the future money. 

#2. I am Satoshi 

If you have been following KuberVerse for a while now, you must be knowing who Satoshi Nakomoto is

If not, let me tell you. Satoshi Nakomoto is a brilliant person or a group of persons who came up with Bitcoin’s idea in 2009. This documentary revolves around the fantastic argument of why the world should choose cryptocurrencies over traditional financial and banking system.

The filmmaker, Tomer Kantor, has recorded well over fifty interviews with financial and industry professionals from various continents.

I am Satoshi explores Bitcoin as a medium of exchange and as a novel technology, questioning it as a self-empowerment tool. It is a must-watch for anyone keen on getting involved in the crypto scenes.

#3. Banking on Bitcoin

This documentary opens with the timeline of Bitcoin, portraying the significant potential of the currency.

It explores the question, “Why is our money controlled by central banks?”. By introducing you to what money is. It explains how money is just an accounting system.

It glorifies Bitcoin as the only real currency, free of corruption. This documentary might be the most popular among all bitcoin documentaries.

#4 Trust Machine: The Story of Blockchain

This is the kind of documentary you should watch if you want to understand how cryptos have developed over a decade.

It sheds light on how many countries in the world are adopting cryptocurrencies and using it daily. It does not just give you a positive view of the crypto world but also addresses the various issues holding this industry back. 

#5 Bitcoin – The End of Money As We Know It

It is a documentary that takes us on a jolly ride back in time, showing a glimpse of the evolution of money we use today.

While watching it, you will be walking through the ancient societies, the current financial system, the beginning of wall street, and towards the modern world where bitcoins have become prominent.    

Bonus point: This film has won the Special Jury Prize at Amsterdam Film Festival in 2015. 

I, for sure, am planning on binge-watching these documentaries this weekend. What are your plans?

If you too want to binge. Have Fun! 

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