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23 Apr 2021

Best Investment Options for Salaried Persons – 2021

Nisha Ramesh

Life as a full-time adult is a tough act – being fully responsible for all your actions. Meaning staying on top of household chores while holding down a full-time paying job, paying bills, doing your taxes, looking for the best investment options, etc. Being an adult is not an easy gig, especially when it comes to managing money. 

Most of us are our happiest on salary days and most miserable at the month-end. This is because of our surging bills and taxes, which frankly many tend to ignore till the last minute.

Given that we earn our salaries in monthly increments, it makes sense that we also save money just as regularly. Building financial discipline is among the most extraordinary favours we can do for ourselves. However, the best investment and how much we can set aside as savings are guided solely by our obligations and expenses, our risk appetite and our future financial goals.

When considering financial products, you may have to look at the risk/reward ratio, which means the higher the risk you take, the higher the reward. 

Here is a list of some best investment options for salaried persons. 

Term Deposits

These are among the safe investment options where interest income is guaranteed. 

A term deposit is an umbrella term for fixed and recurring deposits. You can lock in money at a fixed rate of interest until maturity.  

Interest payments for fixed deposits are calculated and paid monthly or quarterly. In a recurring deposit scheme meanwhile, interest is paid out when the term ends. 

When the time frame, amount invested, and interest rate is the same, a fixed deposit earns higher interest than a recurring deposit scheme

However, recurring deposits schemes are perfect for those who cannot afford to lock away a big chunk of cash straight away and prefer to make monthly deposits.

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Public Provident Fund

The government’s sovereign guarantee and qualification for tax deduction under Section 80C make this one of the best ways of investment

PPF comes with a 15-year lock-in period, and this can be extended in 5-year blocks. Interest earned on deposits to PPF has compounded annually, though this is reviewed every financial quarter. 

You can invest a maximum of ₹ 1.5 lakh in a single financial year and start with a minimum deposit of ₹500.

National Pension System

This market-linked product helps salaried people invest in a pension account at regular intervals. 

By investing in NPS, you can withdraw a percentage of your corpus on retirement. You will be able to withdraw the remainder of the amount in instalments every month since retirement, like a pension. 

Investments into this scheme qualify for tax deduction up to ₹1.5 lakh under Section 80C. You can avail of additional deduction up to Rs 50,000 under Section 80 CCD 1(B). 

The lock-in period for the NPS is fixed to the age of 60, irrespective of when you begin to invest.

Mutual Funds

It is a good investment option if you wish to invest money in the stock or money markets but lacks the know-how. 

Debt mutual funds entail investment in fixed income products–corporate debt securities, corporate bonds, government securities etc. These MF’s tend to be less volatile than equities. 

However, equity mutual funds allow for higher returns compared to debt funds. You can choose between the two or the mix of two based on your risk appetite. 

Either way, salaried individuals can take advantage of SIPs or systematic investment plans to make regular investments without being overwhelmed.


As far as financial products go, this is a relatively new concept on the block. Though certainly not unheard of, given its popularity and increasing awareness among younger generations, cryptos are now considered a good investment option

Cryptocurrency is powered by blockchain technology. An interconnected peer-to-peer network records and maintains information on transactions on a digital ledger.

Unlike some parts of the world, India is yet to have regulations for cryptocurrencies. However, keeping in mind the risk, recently, cryptocurrencies have managed to deliver phenomenal returns of upto 800% in the past year.

Platforms such as CoinSwitch Kuber have emerged in recent times to help simplify crypto investments for Indian investors. You can even invest as low as ₹100

Bottom Line

The marriage of significant policy-making, financial markets and technology has accelerated the pace at which retail investors gain access to all kinds of financial products.

However, the basic fact remains that the best way of investment for individuals is guided by their risk appetite, salaries or overall income, variable and invariable expenses, ultimate financial goals and ability to save. 

The above list is a mix of traditional money-saving schemes and newer options such as cryptocurrencies. However, it is by no means an exhaustive list of all the good investment options available today. So, I suggest that you read more articles from our investing section to gain wider knowledge. 

PS: KuberVerse is an educational initiative. Anything expressed here directly or indirectly is not investment advice. And we ask you to do your own research before investing.

Disclaimer : Crypto products and NFTs are unregulated and can be highly risky. There may be no regulatory recourse for any loss from such transactions. The information provided in this post is not to be considered as investment/financial advice from CoinSwitch. Any action taken upon the information shall be at user's own risk.


Nisha Ramesh

Content Writer

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