4 Mar 2021

Best UnoCoin Alternative for Crypto Trading in India

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Unocoin is a cryptocurrency exchange and also a wallet that allows users to trade across different cryptocurrencies. Founded in 2013, it was India’s first entrant in the bitcoin space.

Unocoin enables users to sell and buy bitcoins by matching their orders with others. It also has the facility of OTC trading that allows users to trade in bulk. UnoCoin also offers a systematic investment plan where users can set a specific amount to be automatically deducted from their bank account for purchasing Bitcoins at the current market rate.

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Now in 2021, when the technology has advanced a great lot, there are plenty of better alternatives to UnoCoin.

CoinSwitch is amongst the best UnoCoin Alternative for Crypto Trading in India.

Let’s understand why:

CoinSwitch is the best exchange platform for Bitcoin as well as for any other crypto coin that you may own or wish to trade. The intelligent trading bots at CoinSwitch help you compare coins most efficiently and save on every transaction. You get the best deal on CoinSwitch since it is an aggregator and has all the exchange rates listed. It helps you in making the right decision every single time. 

CoinSwitch is fully safe and secure from hacks and also supports over 100 coins and allows you to exchange between thousands of pairs. 

CoinSwitch is amazingly easy to navigate and allows you to purchase Bitcoin with a credit card and convert one coin to another in minutes. And the best part is that you get the best exchange rates compared to other exchanges.

While other crypto exchanges are made for more seasoned users, CoinSwitch has a very simple user interface making it easy for new users to navigate. CoinSwitch makes it super easy for anyone to get started with trading in crypto. And, you don’t need to wait for the transactions to happen. Transactions are completed within minutes except when it’s a really large amount of crypto coins. In addition to that, CoinSwitch also offers documentation and APIs to enable others to create their own platforms.

The customer support at CoinSwitch is its another strength. CoinSwitch offers 24×7 reliable support to help you out with the most trivial to difficult issues. 

The website maintains a huge repository of useful information, and you can read hundreds of articles available for free that will help you understand cryptocurrency better, the different crypto coins available. You will be able to keep up with the latest news in the crypto space. CoinSwitch also helps you in choosing the best crypto wallet depending on what type of coin you would like to store.

Most of the Cryptocurrencies and wallets work in a similar fashion. It’s important that one uses thorough research and understands the implications before investing in one. Proper KYC and linking bank accounts are the best way to sign up with a wallet service. If a website does not ask for ways to authenticate yourself, the chances are that they’re fake. Make sure that you choose one of the well-known wallets for hassle-free transactions.

With the valuable important, you may begin looking for the best trading exchanges available. There are several promising exchanges, but you should always be conscious that exchanges are very vulnerable to hackers.

Many exchanges also may charge high transaction, withdrawal fees, hidden fees, which makes micro-transactions impossible. Many times, exchanges don’t offer transparent information about a certain coin making it difficult for newbies to get started with trading. All of the mentioned reasons and more are why you must choose CoinSwitch as your trading exchange for cryptos.

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