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Crypto Withdrawal Temporarily Disabled

by CoinSwitch Kuber

Fellow Kuberian, 

In the light of recent deliberation around the provisions of The Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA) and all other applicable laws, CoinSwitch Kuber had temporarily disabled the ‘Crypto Withdrawal’ option on our trading app as of 22nd July, 2021 keeping in mind the best interest of our users. 

UPDATE (as on 10th August, 2021): We are still working towards a suitable solution to allow ‘Crypto Withdrawal’ option while ensuring compliance with all the Indian laws and regulations. The next update will be communicated on 15th September, 2021.

Please Note: 

  • Only the CRYPTO WITHDRAW option is temporarily disabled
  • All other options – BUY, SELL, DEPOSIT and INR WITHDRAW – will function normally

CoinSwitch Kuber is striving hard to secure the interests of all our users. Our intention is to bring in more transparency that will benefit our users and the larger crypto ecosystem. The window will allow us to put in place strong measures that will ensure user protection without bringing any law of the land into question. 

We thank you for trusting us and will continue to serve you at our best. In case of any clarifications, please reach out to

Thanks for your support! 


Disclaimer :The content of this article is for informative purposes only. It is not intended as a substitute for investment/ financial advice. If You decide to act upon this information, You shall do it at your own risk. While such video/ article has been verified, it depends on third-party sources too, and CoinSwitch Kuber does not guarantee that there are no mistakes or errors nor does CoinSwitch Kuber represents the views presented in such article to be it’s own..


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