3 Mar 2021

How To Earn Bitcoin In India

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Cryptocurrencies in India are becoming popular, and hence purchasing them is not that easy. So how do you ensure that you can make use of this investment opportunity? By earning them for free. If you are wondering how to earn bitcoin in India there are many ways to do it! Some of them are listed below:

Shop and Earn Bitcoin Online

If you thought that you could only use bitcoin to buy things, you could also use it to increase your bitcoin count. There are many cashback services that give you rewards as Bitcoin when you purchase an item from them. The catch here is that you can transfer the bitcoin once your balance reaches a specific amount, and the reward-locking period has expired. Buy Bitcoin in India at the best rate.

Open a Crypto Interest Account

Most people buy cryptos as a long-term investment, but if you are doing, so there is not much you can do to grow the holdings. Or so you think! Your long-term investment can earn you free crypto but has to be invested in an Interest account. The account can be created by investors in any corner of the world where legally cryptos are allowed. The interest you earn depends on the wealth management company you invest in. On average, expect it to give an annual interest of 8% that gets compounded monthly.

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Becoming a Bitcoin Trader

The easiest, fastest, and the riskiest way of earning Bitcoin is by trading. It is similar to stock trading, buying when the price is low, and selling it at a higher rate. But earning money this way is not easy as it is neither guesswork nor luck. It is based on in-depth knowledge of the market.

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Taking Surveys

One of the easiest ways to earn free bitcoins is by taking surveys provided you are okay with answering the questions. There are many companies that provide opportunities to take surveys and offer bitcoin as a remuneration. Apart from surveys, rewards are also given for installing apps, watching videos, voting, and much more. Referral programs are also a great way to earn bitcoins as a portion of the referral account’s earnings are paid out to you. A more passive way of earning bitcoins is to mine cryptos by simply keeping a tab open on your browser.

Crypto Mining

Another way to earn bitcoins is through mining. The miners make complex calculations using specialized hardware to help in exchanging cryptos over the blockchain. They test the validity of the transactions by completing the cryptographic puzzle and submit it to other miners for confirmation. Once confirmed, the miner gets a reward in the form of cryptos for performing the calculations. As a miner, the amount of bitcoins you earn depends on the hardware, current market, complexity of the transactions.

Through Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the ways to earn free bitcoins, but you should have a loyal online following. If you have such a good following, you can direct them to click on the URL given by the merchant of the referral program. If the followers click on it and make purchases, the reward will be credited to your account. The commission that you get varies, and if you have a large following, then you can make a neat income.

Blog about Bitcoins

If you have good knowledge of cryptos and know how to write blogs, then you should consider writing articles about it. The crypto market is evolving, and hence there is a need for writers to write informative content on news articles and websites. If you do some quality work, then you can earn good revenue writing for the publications.

Gambling in Bitcoin Casinos

If you are into online gambling, then it is one of the ways to add to your crypto wealth. Many online casinos provide free cryptos at the time of creating an account or when you play for a certain value or at a specific time.

Follow the above ways to earn bitcoins for free while some are simple and are as easy as shopping online at your favorite stores. There are others like bitcoin mining, which is a little bit more advanced and complicated. You can choose any of the above methods and experiment to find which is the best and the easiest option for you. Now go earn some free bitcoins!

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