A Crypto Unicorn story — Let’s talk Series C Funding!

by Asheen Chowdhury  |  October 6, 2021

Dear Kuberian,

Thank you for believing in us! Fuelled by your support and the passion shown by our incredibly dedicated team, we’ve managed to raise a Series C Funding of $260 Million.

This round was led by Coinbase Ventures and Andreessen Horowitz (a16z), with our previous investors Sequoia, Paradigm, Ribbit and Tiger Global also participating.

This has now propelled us to the very top as India’s most valued Crypto company at $1.91 Billion!

The story so far…

It’s always a roller coaster ride for any startup like ours with innovation in their DNA, but our journey often took us to the deepest lows on the way to this incredible high. Cryptocurrency used to belong to the dark side an alien, complex concept that so many thought of as something illegal and not to be played around with.

Yet there were always those who believed in the power of Crypto, even in the darkest of times. People who took the time and effort to invest in Crypto when it was only starting to make waves, and then thought to themselves, ‘There has to be an easier way to do this.’ 

This small group of people included our founders, Ashish Singhal, Sagar Vimal, and Govind Soni,  who took it upon themselves to create a solution. A way to bring Crypto from out of the darkness and into the light, so that even more Indians could see it as a symbol of hope rather than something to be suspicious about.

Today, more than 10,000,000 people have seen the light, thanks to CoinSwitch Kuber. Through the countless hurdles we faced on our path to making crypto simple for India, the only thing that kept us going was YOU!

Growing from 1 Million users in November 2020 to 5 million in May 2021, to 10 million in September 2021. This acceptance is what moved us forward and helped us get to where we are today.

What’s next?

With this latest round of funding, we are hoping to make Crypto investment even easier, safer, and faster for the people of India.

Here’s how we’re planning to spend the funds:

  • Onboarding 50 Million Indians on CoinSwitch Kuber
  • Launching Crypto products and services like lending and staking to enable users to benefit from this decentralized technology
  • Hiring the best talent across Tech, Product, Growth, and Support
  • Addition of new asset classes to offer multiple investment options
  • Introducing a product for institutional clients
  • Launching a fund for young innovators in the Crypto ecosystem
  • Becoming a one-stop-shop for all information and knowledge about Crypto

Thank you once again for your support. We hope to see bigger smiles on your face soon with loads of new features, better services, and a product that will become your favourite (if it isn’t already)!

Happy Trading!
Team CoinSwitch

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40 responses to “A Crypto Unicorn story — Let’s talk Series C Funding!”

  1. Mandeep Singh negi says:

    Sir coin switch ka apna coin apna coin bhi hona cahiye jis se market mai jada se jada network coin switch par aa sake or hamre network network ko or bada kar sake or trust bada sake or shaat mai coin par jo difference buy or sell par h usko kam kiya jaye ya fhir only sale par difference liya jaye ow bhi limited ho jis se aap ko bhi loss na ho or hmari family or badi ho jaye or coin switch kuber India k shaat-2 world mai bhi no 1 ban jaye thanks sir


    Always with CoinSwitch. Best in crypto market. All the best team CoinSwitch 👍

  3. ARUNA S says:

    Please introduce some MEME coins on ur exchange !? Like Shibu inu,lovely inu,safemon etc

  4. Narasimha Murthy says:

    I just joined, it seems to be wonderful and exciting.

  5. Adarsh says:

    Congratulations for achieving unicorn status. Best of luck for future🦄❤

  6. Yawar says:

    East or west coinswitch is best thanks for making it so simple

  7. Mohd Kamil says:

    Very very good work

  8. Gopal Malik says:

    Add more and more crypto currency because I am using 3 platform for crypto but this is very interactive and easy to use. Buying and selling is very easy on this. On the top adding money via upi is best option for indian among these days as it is very secure.
    You are providing a very good service, getting a reply in 1-2 days .
    Thanks for your wonderful service.

  9. Krishan says:

    Coinswitch Kuber you’re doing amazing work in crypto field.

  10. Yash Patel says:

    I have been using coin Switch Kuber for more than 10 months. It’s good to see the recent achievements of the company. I love coinSwitch kuber even though i have lost rupees in trading during the maintenance period of application because trading was not allowed like buy and sell option was disabled. I have recommended more than 35-40 people to use coinSwitch. Sometimes I get angry with your company but eventually I understand that you have to do certain things which are good for the company. I just want to wish you good luck for the future. Keep going coin switch kuber. Last but not least I am Proud of You because you’re INDIAN.

  11. Harish Kumar v says:

    Congratulations on the bench mark that you have achieved , am also so grateful to have invested here and made some profits, it wil be more good if we get some perks from your end on this benchmark😁😁

  12. A good effort coinswitch team.Congratulations on your further growth … It would be great if you could publish SHIBU INU COIN on their app..Thanks ..

  13. Sojan S P says:

    Nice going

  14. Ashok kumar says:

    Coin switch kuber is the best cryptocurrecy BITCOIN in all over world

  15. Ashok kumar says:

    The growing popularity of cryptocurrencies in the india and around the world has caught the attention of tax authorities, despite fluctuating values cryptocurrencies have a potential future.

  16. Naseem says:

    Coin switch best platform

  17. Good application for trading.

  18. Narendra babu says:

    This is motivational thoughts on this market trading

  19. Pyarelal mahto says:

    Verry good for thinking best off luck

  20. Sudhir says:

    Coin switch kuber in awesome

  21. Nirup kanti samaddar says:

    Good exchange

  22. TheKnight says:

    Congratulations on reaching the unicorn milestone. But what’s in it for us, the Kuberians?

  23. Viswanathan says:

    Dear Sir
    I am happy that coinswitch kuber is growing well.

  24. Raveendra kumar says:

    Very beautiful platefrom

  25. Nice very nice coin switch kuber a good application 👍

  26. Roshan Lal says:

    Trending by this aap is super

  27. AKASH JAIN says:

    Dear Sir,
    May personal suggestion to you guys that you should start your customer care service over phone or mobile because your customer want quick service for any of your query. And this being more important when someone have quarry about their money. Hope you understand my point and will start giving solution to your customer’s problem over phone/mobile.

  28. Shantilal Tambe says:

    Good guide

  29. Nawaz Mulla says:

    Congratulations 🎉 👍🏻
    You guys are hope for a millions of crypto investors -you made crypto investing very smooth and easy – Thank you Team.

    I have a request please list Shiba INU as soon as possible.

  30. Hareesh M R says:

    It is inspirational

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