Another Positive Turn For Crypto| MCA Seeks Disclosure of Cryptocurrencies

After the Finance Minister, Nirmala Sitharaman, affirmed that there would not be a complete ban on cryptocurrencies and indicated that...

by Farheen Shaikh  |  April 6, 2021
How To Place Limit Orders On CoinSwitch Kuber?

Ever had that Oh My God (OMG) moment where you either slept through or missed that a good trading opportunity?...

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One Step Closer To Our Mission With iOS App Launch!!

That’s it; the wait is over: Our iOS app is live on App Store With this launch, we are one...

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Exciting Pre-Launch Rewards For CoinSwitch Kuber Users Are Here !!

We are ready for yet another pre-launch, but this time we have made it a little more fun and full...

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Why Are There Only 21 Million Bitcoins?

There will be only 21 million Bitcoins in existence, out of which around 18.5 million have already been mined. But...

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What Bitcoin & the Rai Stones of Yap Have in Common?

It might seem peculiar, but the idea behind Bitcoins was around for longer than the last decade. In fact, it...

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