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7 Jan 2022

Australian Open Joins Decentraland And Launches NFT Collection 

Akumbenla Jamir

The Australian Open becomes the first Grand Slam tennis tournament to get involved in both NFT (non-fungible token) and the metaverse.

The Australian Open will be streamed live in 3D on a virtual reality metaverse world called AO (Australian Open) Decentraland. Perhaps, Novak can attend this one since it does not require a visa. 

This initiative is in partnership with Decentraland – the crypto industry’s leading metaverse projects. In addition to creating a virtual event, they will release a collection of 6,776 NFTs called the Art Balls. These NFTs come with utilities that include digitised connections with small sections of the tournament’s real court surfaces.

What Are Art Balls? What Can You Do With Them?

The “Art Balls” NFT collection is a collectible art project linked to the live tournament data. Here’s something interesting about Art Balls:

  • Buyers will receive a unique image of a colourful tennis ball.
  • Each image will be linked to a tiny plot of land on the tournament court’s surface.

If you’re curious about the advantages of these Art Balls NFTs, here’s what you can win from them:

  • If the winning shot from any of the 400+ matches lands on that plot, the owners of NFTs will receive gifts, including Australian Open merchandise and other wearables. 
  • NFT owners will also receive an airdrop with footage of the winning point. 
  • If one of the 11 championship points lands on a plot, the NFT owner of that plot can claim and receive the championship point tennis ball from the match.

The data pulled to match the NFTs will come from the same line-calling tech used to judge AO matches’ in-game points.

NFTs and Sporting Events Fusion

This is not the first time NFTs and sporting events collaborated. In 2021, NFT platform SoRare partnered with Spain’s football league La Liga and Germany’s Bundesliga to create an NFT based fantasy football game. 

This news about AO in the metaverse couldn’t have come at a better time when travelling is a risky game. Hardcore tennis fans are given a chance to be part of the AO like never before. Their Decentraland avatar can wander about the virtual precinct, complete challenges, view historic AO content and interact with players and other fans.

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Akumbenla Jamir

Content Writer

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