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3 Feb 2021

#IndiaWantsBitcoin: It’s Time To SUPPORT Crypto Now!!

Nisha Ramesh

Hey There,

Thanks for being a valuable part of the crypto revolution in India through CoinSwitch Kuber.

I know that you have been interested in and enjoyed dabbling in cryptocurrencies in India through us, but this time, India’s cryptocurrency space needs YOUR support.

It is probably unlikely that you are not aware, but still let me tell you; that the Indian government is contemplating banning cryptocurrencies in India soon with few exceptions. 

But, there is NO NEED TO PANIC because no regulation has officially passed yet and it takes months for anything like that even to happen.

I assure you that you can count on us to keep you updated about the regulatory developments of this matter. 

Email Your MP Now !!

There are two possibilities:

  • The possibility that the bill may not be presented.
  • If the bill gets presented, the parliament will either approve or discard the bill.

But, this very moment that you are living NOW is the most crucial for crypto markets in India.

As a pioneer crypto user in India, it is more important than ever to raise YOUR VOICE on this matter.

For that, we along with other prominent players of the industry have come up with a solution to help you express your VOICE where it matters the most, i.e. directly to the member of parliament of your constituency.

Will you give your 1-minute To Crypto In India?

Email Your MP Now !!

Disclaimer : Crypto products and NFTs are unregulated and can be highly risky. There may be no regulatory recourse for any loss from such transactions. The information provided in this post is not to be considered as investment/financial advice from CoinSwitch. Any action taken upon the information shall be at user's own risk.


Nisha Ramesh

Content Writer

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