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4 Feb 2021

5 Ways Women Can Make The Most of Crypto Investments

Farheen Shaikh

Since its inception, the cryptocurrency market has been taking the world by storm. When Bitcoin was introduced in 2009, it was valued less than a Rupee. Today, i.e., ten years later, the value of one Bitcoin has multiplied by a million times. As we speak, the value of one Bitcoin is ~₹25 lakhs. 

Currently, over 18 million Bitcoins are circulating in the market. Not just that, the crypto market has also expanded with over 2000 cryptos in circulation.

Despite such impressive historical trajectories, we find very few women interested in crypto investments. In fact, some studies indicate that only 4% of crypto users comprise women. Why this glaring gender dispute? 

Some speculations are:

  • Crypto involves Tech and Finance, two fields that are still predominantly male.
  • The theory that women are more risk-averse to men when it comes to investments.

But, that does not mean that crypto has already become a ‘boy club.’ Women often delay in dipping their feet into a new asset class. Once they do, studies show that women outperform men, so it’s not late, ladies. 

Our Crypto Girls

Although the percentage of female involvement is significantly low, some women have turned themselves into role models of the community, such as Shalini. Shalini, aka Desi Crypto Hodlr, is one of the biggest crypto influencers in India.

She can be easily spotted on Twitter or telegram with updates on Cryptocurrencies and their market. Often, she gives a shoutout to women to invest or enter the business spaces of cryptocurrencies. 

Away from home, a few distinctive women, such as Michele Seven, aka Bitcoin Belle, who does talk shows on cryptocurrencies; Laura Shin is a crypto-journalist who runs a crypto-based newsletter called Unchained and Unconfirmed. 

Why Can Women be Great Crypto Investors? 

There is no reason why women shouldn’t invest their time, money, and even career into cryptocurrency. We have everything to make us successful on par with men.

Gone are the days when things were attributed to gender; women break these barriers in every field. In fact, we recently witnessed the first woman Vice President take oath in the USA (Psst.. and she happens to be of Indian origin).

I can state two distinct reasons why women can succeed in crypto too:

Firstly, Women are savers.

The need to save and be ready for the future is engrained into the female DNA. Some studies revealed that women hold about 8.3% of their investments into savings, while men hold only 7.9% of their income. This may not sound like a significant difference, but the difference is immense in terms of money. Since cryptocurrency has established itself as a high return investment class, women can make the best of it.

Secondly, Women are more successful investors.

We evaluate risks in almost everything and mitigate them in the best way possible. Research suggests that female investors hold their investments longer and change their asset allocation less frequently than men. Concluding that, when women invest, they do it best. Also, since crypto is a hedge against market volatility, women can find this haven for their savings.

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How to Make the Most Out of Your Crypto Investments?

Women can achieve success in anything they put their minds to, so you have decided to put your mind to crypto investment – Congratulations. Here are 5 ways you can make the most of it.

1. Build Your Capital

Cryptocurrency does not discriminate. Whether you are a man or a woman, it enables your money to work for you. Invest in cryptocurrencies over the long term and witness your money grow at a quick pace.

2. A Hedge Against Economic Downfalls

Women buy gold not only because it can be worn but also because it is their last resort in times of need. Cryptocurrency is similar to gold; it is scarce and rare and acts as a hedge against economic downfalls. So, it’s just like gold but better because the transaction fee is meager in comparison. 

3. Stand Financially in Par With Men 

Cryptocurrency is now a predominantly male asset. When you invest in crypto and earn good returns, you can also invite other women – friends, and family to invest. When more women start investing, the gender divide will automatically break. This will put you financially on par with men globally. 

4. Start Your Own Business

Cryptocurrency is one of the top-performing assets in the world. By investing in it, you may be able to generate enough capital to start your own business.

5. Stay Financially Independent

Your finances will be in your hands. Since all transactions of cryptocurrency are digital, you can own and control your account. There is no need to be dependent on anyone for your financial needs. Also, you need not have a massive sum of money to invest.

Platforms like CoinSwitch Kuber allow you to start with a minimum investment of ₹100. 

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Bottom Line

As a woman myself and having scratched the surface of investing in crypto, I must say that this is definitely a woman’s world. Cryptocurrency can be an intriguing investment opportunity to all women, no matter where you are in life. 

All you have to do is put your mind to it, analyze and research before investing. You will soon find your wealth-building itself over the years. 

So, go on, sister! 

See you in Crypto World. 

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Farheen Shaikh

Content Writer

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