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Samsung leads investments in blockchain: Report

Google parent alphabet

South Korean tech giant Samsung and Google parent Alphabet—a holding company based out of California—figured in the list of companies that have invested in blockchain-related companies, according to a research report released by Blockdata. Samsung participated in 13 funding rounds, investing a total of $979.26 million.

Interestingly, Samsung has the most coverage in terms of companies—with Flowcarbon, Yuga Labs, Atomic Form, Sky Mavix, and Ramper being the leading ones.

The Blockdata report tracks investments made by these companies in blockchain-related businesses between September 2021 and June 2022.

It has been clarified since that some blockchain companies Google parent Alphabet had invested in—Fireblocks, Dapper Labs, Voltage, and Digital Currency Group—raised about $1.56 billion overall. It was also disclosed that Google has invested only a small fraction of that amount in blockchain-related firms. However, the exact investment figure hasn’t been disclosed yet.

According to the research report published on 11 August, BlackRock figures in the list with investments spaced out across three firms. BlackRock has investments in Circle, FTX, and Anchorage Digital— as of June 2022. The companies invested in raised close to $1.2 billion, in total.

Investment bank Morgan Stanley also appears on the list.

While there are many other tech and banking giants on the list, Goldman Sachs continues to be a regular on the list with cumulative investments of the involved companies like Certix, Anchorage Digital, and more— amounting to $698 billion, until June 2022.

For the uninitiated, an old Blockdata report (up until June 2021) shows that Goldman Sachs had invested close to $204 million across seven funding rounds.

Alphabet and Goldman Sachs

Other public companies that are heavily invested in blockchain-specific firms include PayPal, Microsoft, LG, and Wells Fargo.


Is Google investing in blockchain?

Google has invested in blockchain technology indirectly through funding rounds in blockchain companies like Blockchain, which raised over $70 million in funding, including from Google Ventures

What is the best blockchain stock to invest in?

Determining the best blockchain stock depends on various factors such as market performance, company fundamentals, and future growth prospects. Some notable blockchain stocks include IBM, Overstock, Mastercard, Square, JPMorgan Chase, and CME Group.

Who are the most active investors in blockchain companies by the top 100?

Top 100 public companies like Google, Blackrock, and Morgan Stanley have invested in blockchain and crypto companies through various investment rounds, with 61 blockchain/crypto companies receiving investments across 71 investment rounds.

What is an investment in blockchain?

Investment in blockchain refers to allocating capital into blockchain-related assets such as cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology companies, or blockchain-based projects, aiming to generate returns from the growth and development of the blockchain industry

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