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Beanstalk bounces back, relaunches stablecoin

Beanstalk relaunches stablecoin

Hacked crypto projects are coming out stronger, and Beanstalk is one glowing example. Despite experiencing a catastrophic hack in mid-April, the Ethereum-based project finally relaunched its stablecoin initiative on August 6, 2022, exactly a year after its initial deployment.


After losing close to $182 million in a governance hack and being on a four-month sabbatical, Beanstalk stablecoin protocol is finally back after receiving a unanimous thumbs-up from the community.

What is Beanstalk?

Beanstalk is a credit-based stablecoin project with BEAN being its native token. Billed as a game-changer for the stablecoin arena, Beanstalk was initially deployed on the Ethereum mainnet. The BEAN token is supposed to hold parity to the US dollar via an algorithm.

However, instead of using collateral to back the algorithm, Beanstalk uses credit. As a project, Beanstalk plans to alter the future of trustless money by diverging from the traditional path of collateral-based stablecoin backing.

What happened with Beanstalk and how did it stage a comeback?

In April, a hacker exploited a weakness in Beanstalk’s armor, eventually hacking the ecosystem for $182 million. However, rebooting the vision started in May as Beanstalk began planning for a $77 million OTC (over-the-counter) credit line from investors. And despite another stablecoin having its own meltdown (we are talking about Terra), Beanstalk miraculously raised funds and staged a comeback.


What is Beanstalk stablecoin?

Beanstalk stablecoin is a type of crypto designed to maintain a stable value by pegging it to a specific asset or a basket of assets, such as fiat currencies, commodities, or other cryptocurrencies. It aims to minimize price volatility typically associated with other cryptocurrencies

Which crypto is not a stable coin?

Bitcoin, Ethereum, and many other crypto are not stablecoins. They have fluctuating values determined by market demand and supply, unlike stablecoins which aim to maintain a stable value.

Which crypto will be 1000x in 2024?

It’s challenging to predict which cryptocurrency will experience a 1000x increase in value in 2024. Crypto markets are highly volatile, and such extreme gains are rare and speculative. Investors should conduct thorough research and consider various factors before making investment decisions

Which crypto will give 1000x?

Predicting a crypto that will give a 1000x return is speculative and risky. While some cryptocurrencies have seen significant growth in the past, such extreme gains are not guaranteed and are often associated with high levels of volatility and risk. Investors should exercise caution and conduct thorough research before investing in any crypto.

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