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FC Barcelona’s first-ever NFT sale nets $693,000


FC Barcelona, one of Europe’s most prestigious football clubs, colloquially known as Barca, auctioned its first-ever NFT for $693,000 at a Sotheby’s auction in New York on July 29.

Barca’s NFT titled In a Way, Immortal is a video digital artwork showcasing Johan Cruyff’s iconic goal against Atlético Madrid on December 22, 1973. Johan flew through the air to score a goal against the football club.

The auction was closed at $550,000, but with the addition of the auctioneer’s fees, the total sale value came to $693,000. The buyer has also purchased four other NFTs, including the animated version’s static image that captures the iconic moment.

FC Barcelona is offering the title of Barca Digital Ambassador to the owner of the NFT, in addition to several VIP benefits and experiences with the club.

FC Barcelona will incorporate in the NFT’s smart contract a set of experiences such as Meet & Greets, visits to La Masia, hospitality rights (for a minimum of five years), the right to play at the Spotify Camp Nou, and an official handover of the ball before a friendly match,” the press release from the club stated.

FC Barcelona also sold a quarter of its stake in FC Barcelona’s Barça Studios to crypto firm Chiliz for around $100 million to create better NFT and metaverse experiences for its fans.


What does NFT stand for Barcelona?

NFT stands for “Non-Fungible Token” in the context of Barcelona. FC Barcelona, the soccer franchise, has delved into Non-Fungible Tokens, launching its first NFT collection in association with Plastiks. NFTs are unique digital items that represent waste recovery programs and their positive impact online, offering verifiable information. Barcelona’s collaboration with Plastiks aims to reduce plastic waste, emphasizing sustainability alongside digital art and collectibles in the form of NFTs

How much is quantum NFT worth?

The current floor price of Quantum Traders, an NFT collection, is 0.1897 SOL
For real-time and accurate pricing, checking NFT marketplaces or platforms where Quantum NFTs are traded is recommended.

Who sold NFT for 17 million?

Digital artist Pak sold NFT works for $17 million at Sotheby’s

What is the most expensive NFT ever sold?

The most expensive NFT ever sold is not explicitly mentioned in the provided search results. However, various sources offer insights into the most expensive NFTs. As of the latest available information, the top positions include artworks such as “Everyday: The First 5000 Days” by Beeple and “CryptoPunk #7804.” For the most current and accurate information, it is recommended to check reliable sources tracking NFT sales and prices.

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