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Goa police to tap into blockchain technology to improve record-keeping

Goa police adopts blockchain technology

The Goa police department said it plans to launch a paperless record-keeping system that will use blockchain technology to enhance security and transparency.

The pathbreaking transition is facilitated by 5ire, an Indian blockchain startup. In a statement released on August 2, the Goa police announced that it has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with blockchain ecosystem 5ire to digitize its processes.

The MoU was signed by SP Crime, Goa police, Nidhin Valsan, and Pratik Gauri, founder and CEO of 5ire.

How will it benefit the Goa state police?

The collaboration between Goa police and 5ire is more than just a transition to a paperless document and evidence storage system. It will establish a public-private partnership between 5ire and the Goa police to implement a smart policing solution which will improve transparency and efficiency.

The initiative will help streamline procedures that will provide a more detailed account of all events for stakeholders. The MoU will also speed up the digitalization of offline systems.

Not a first, though

While the Goa state police partnership with 5ire is a new venture, it is not the first implementation of blockchain technologies by a police department in India. In December 2021, 5ire partnered with the Muzaffarnagar police to launch a pilot project to test the deployment of blockchain technology for maintaining transparent police records and evidence logging.

Blockchain-based data storage service is expected to be a better alternative to centralized data storage servers. What’s more, it is commendable that a small state like Goa is taking a big initiative in the adoption of blockchain technology. 


Who is the top police officer of Goa?

The top police officer of Goa is Superintendent of Police (SP) Nidhin Valsan, IPS, serving as the Superintendent of Police, North Goa.

Who is the DG of Goa police?

The Director General of Police (DGP) of Goa Police is Shri Jaspal Singh, IPS. He holds the position as of the latest available information.

Who is SP North Goa?

The Superintendent of Police (SP) for North Goa is Nidhin Valsan, IPS (Indian Police Service). He is the current officer in charge of law enforcement in the North Goa district.

How do I call Goa police?

To contact Goa police, you can use the following helpline numbers:
>Police Control Room (Emergency): Dial 112
>Vigilance Helpline: 7030100000
>District Police Control Room Porvorim: 2416250

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