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Jharkhand becomes the first state to use blockchain to distribute seeds to farmers


In a first-of-its-kind attempt, Jharkhand state’s Directorate of Agriculture has partnered with blockchain startup SettleMint to help distribute seeds to farmers.

So far, the partners have distributed close to 30,000 quintals of seeds to around 3 lakh farmers. In the ongoing Kharif season, seeds of cereals, pulses, and oilseeds were distributed using the blockchain-based platform.

The move is meant to ensure that seeds are not pilfered in the distribution process and that farmers no longer receive low-quality seeds under government-sponsored schemes. Using the platform, the agriculture department will be able to track the seed supply distribution across all channels—from issuing supply orders to tracking the delivery of seeds to the farmers.
Jharkhand’s Agriculture Director Nesha Oraon has said that the platform will help the government to track the issuance of type and quantity of seeds issued to farmers on a real-time basis. It will play a key role in filtering out middlemen and tracking the real beneficiaries.

According to the state’s agriculture department, over 3 lakh farmers are registered on the blockchain platform with their AADHAR and mobile number. Information can be uploaded or updated on the blockchain platform only when the farmer provides the OTP they receive on their mobile number.


Which state in India is the first to use Blockchain technology?

Jharkhand is the first state in India to use Blockchain technology for distributing seeds to farmers, aiming to enhance transparency and efficiency in the distribution process.

What is blockchain technology in Jharkhand?

In Jharkhand, blockchain technology is employed to track the distribution of seeds, inputs, and implements to farmers under various government schemes. This technology ensures transparency, traceability, and accountability in the distribution process.

What is the government scheme for the benefit of the farmers of Jharkhand?

The government scheme in Jharkhand aims to benefit farmers by leveraging blockchain technology for transparent and efficient distribution of seeds, inputs, and implements. This initiative enhances accountability and ensures that farmers receive quality agricultural resources.

What is Blockchain technology for farmers?

Blockchain technology for farmers in Jharkhand enables secure and transparent tracking of the distribution process, ensuring that farmers receive authentic and quality seeds and agricultural inputs. It helps in reducing fraud, enhancing trust, and improving overall agricultural productivity.

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