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Jump Crypto has a plan to make Solana great again

Jump Crypto solana

Days after Solana revealed that its network is healthy, Jump Crypto a trading firm builder has taken the initiative to improve the network’s reliability and throughput. Jump Crypto plans to revamp a specific segment of Solana’s infrastructure, precisely to make ecosystem slowdowns and outages a thing of the past.

How is the plan expected to play out?

As a part of its re-upped commitment to make the once-hot Solana network great again, Jump Crypto plans to build a validator client (Firedancer)—adding to the resilience of the blockchain concerned. As we know, validators are instrumental in keeping the Proof-of-Stake blockchains healthy. With this client-building plan, Jump plans to boost the overall scalability of the Solana network while lowering the downtime significantly.


Software upgrades

In addition to building a validator client, which eventually defeats ecosystem attacks, Jump Crypto also plans on proposing upgrades to Solana’s core software. Kevin Bowers, Chief Science Officer at Jump Crypto, will oversee the entire building process.

Dan Albert— executive director, of Solana Foundation—speaks very highly of Jump. He believes that with 20+ years of experience in network scaling and building performant software setups, Jump will be a great contributor to the Solana network. He even believes that Jump’s inputs will help Solana scale further, helping it get back on track as Ethereum’s primary competitor.


Why Solana is pumping?

Solana’s recent price surge could be attributed to its growing adoption and recognition in the blockchain space, fueled by its high transaction throughput and scalability

What makes Solana fast?

Solana’s speed is primarily attributed to its innovative consensus mechanism called Proof-of-History, which enables fast transaction processing by ordering events before adding them to the blockchain

Is Solana faster than Cardano?

Yes, Solana is significantly faster than Cardano in terms of transaction processing speed, with Solana capable of handling up to 2,700 transactions per second (tps) compared to Cardano’s 250 tps

Is Solana faster than Polygon?

Yes, Solana surpasses Polygon in transaction speed, with Solana offering speeds of up to 65,000 transactions per second (tps) while Polygon provides speeds of around 72,000 tps, making both significantly faster than Ethereum

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