South Korea to issue new metaverse guidelines

South korea metaverse

South Korea’s Ministry of Science and ICT (MSIT) has decided to issue a set of metaverse-related guidelines in an attempt to incentivize its growth. In a recent press release, the Ministry confirmed its view on ditching the application of traditional video gaming laws to the budding realm.

The Ministry added that the metaverse, as a service, is being considered on a par with OTT platforms and autonomous driving.

Explaining the move during its first National Data Policy (NDP) committee meeting, MSIT said that it would not try and regulate a new service with an existing set of laws. The lack of a regulatory framework and a legal/institutional basis is the primary reason why metaverse-specific industrial growth is painfully sluggish, MSIT concluded.

The progressive statement comes at a time when crypto and Web 3.0 regulations are being talked about globally.

South Korea’s optimistic stance on the metaverse and Web 3.0 isn’t entirely new. The country saw the enactment of the Metaverse Industry Promotion Act, a law that offered a boost to the Web 3.0 vertical, on 1 September 2022. The country has even invested close to $200 million to create and strengthen its in-house metaverse ecosystem.

The South Korean government budget for specific metaverse projects will see an inflow of $140 million by 2023, according to the data released by MSIT.


What are South Korea’s metaverse regulations?

South Korea’s Ministry of Science and ICT (MSIT) plans to enact special laws for the metaverse, intending to replace conventional gaming laws.

What is the metaverse plan in South Korea?

South Korea aims to develop regulatory amendments specific to the metaverse, focusing on advancing technology through public-private partnerships.

What is the new rule in South Korea?

The South Korean National Data Policy Committee announced plans to develop regulatory amendments tailored to the metaverse, reflecting the evolving digital landscape.

What are the guidelines for metaverse?

The guidelines for the metaverse in South Korea involve advancing technology, enhancing public services, and establishing regulatory frameworks specific to virtual environments.

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