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Starbucks picks Polygon for its Web 3.0 space “Odyssey”

Starbucks polygon

Starbucks, the famous American coffee shop chain, is partnering up with the Polygon blockchain network to launch its Web 3.0 initiatives called Starbucks Odyssey.

The integration of Web 3.0 technology into the Starbucks Rewards loyalty program will benefit users in a number of ways. It will open up the possibility of immersive coffee experiences and offer access to unique merchandise, artist collaborations, and invitations to exclusive events. With the partnership, Starbucks’ Rewards loyalty program members and US-based employees will also be able to earn and purchase digital collectible stamps as NFTs.

Customers and partners can now join the waitlist to get the first access to the Starbucks Web 3.0 experience, which will be launched later this year.

Starbucks has been dabbling with NFTs and trying to build a unique Web 3.0 experience for users for some time now. In May 2022, Starbucks announced that it would be launching its first NFT collection based on the brand’s “coffee art and storytelling” as a move to attract a new customer segment.

Additionally, as part of the company’s Q3 2022 earnings call on 2 August 2022, CEO Howard Schultz announced that the company will be going big on developing a reward program on Web 3.0 and retaining its young customer base.

“Building Starbucks Odyssey using technology that aligns with our sustainability aspirations and commitments is a top priority. We took a very thoughtful and thorough approach when evaluating which blockchain to utilize and Polygon’s fast, low-cost, and carbon-neutral network is the perfect foundation for our first digital community,” Ryan Butz, VP of loyalty, strategy, and marketing for Starbucks, said in a press release shared by Polygon.


How does the Starbucks Odyssey program work?

Starbucks often introduces various programs, promotions, and loyalty initiatives to engage customers and enhance their coffee shop experience. The most well-known Starbucks loyalty program is “Starbucks Rewards.” In the Starbucks Rewards program, customers earn stars for each purchase, and these stars can be redeemed for free drinks, food items, and other rewards.

Is Starbucks Odyssey legit?

If “Starbucks Odyssey” is a new program introduced by Starbucks or any other entity after my last update, I recommend taking the following steps to verify its legitimacy:

Official Channels: Check the official Starbucks website, and official social media channels, or contact Starbucks customer support to verify the existence and details of the program. Legitimate programs and promotions are typically announced through official channels.

Communication: Be cautious of unsolicited emails, messages, or advertisements claiming to be related to the program. Verify the information independently rather than clicking on links or providing personal information through unfamiliar channels.

Can anyone join Starbucks Odyssey?

To get accurate and up-to-date information about any potential Starbucks program named “Starbucks Odyssey,” I recommend checking the official Starbucks website, contacting Starbucks customer support, or visiting a Starbucks store directly. Official sources will provide the most reliable information regarding any loyalty programs, promotions, or initiatives introduced by Starbucks.

What is a Starbucks NFT?

It’s important to note that developments in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space can occur rapidly, and new projects or initiatives may emerge. If Starbucks has entered the NFT space or launched any NFT-related initiatives after my last update, I recommend checking official announcements from Starbucks or reputable news sources for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

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